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Book Review: Tulle Death Do Us Part by Annette Blair


After five installments, the Vintage Magic Mysteries has officially come to a close.

In this installment, the Mystick by the Sea Country Club is getting ready to celebrate Valentine's Day with a Very Vintage Valentine Ball and Madeira "Maddie" Cutler is celebrating the roof raising of her shop Vintage Magic.

Her plan is to add a third floor to the building and turn it into three apartments, with one being hers.

But, during the raising, the foreman halts everything when he finds a metal box tucked away covered in fabric.

Maddie is careful not to touch it, but accidently does and she has a vision going back to the country club's Golden Jubilee and a secret scavenger hunt that ended in murder.

While she's having her vision, she recognizes some voices, but can't place them and slowly she does recognize one voice, that of her sister Sherry's social climbing mother-in-law, Deborah VanCortland.

Maddie is sweet talked into being a judge in a This Is Your Life segment at the fundraiser and while hesitant, she knows that she's going to have to touch the clothing, which is something that she doesn't want to do.

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But, in order to figure out the murder, she's going to have to do the deed and with her now off again FBI agent Nick out of the country, she turns to Detective Lytton Werner and confesses her psychometric ability to him. With her confession, he also makes a stunning confession to her.

Since Nick and Maddie's relationship has always been on/off, this time she knows that it's over because he's out of the country and she learns through Werner that Nick has put his house up for sale. Maddie's more stunned than surprised, it opens up the door for a relationship with Werner.

While most of the book focuses on the preparation for the ball and Maddie's investigation, there was a huge mistake that immediately caused me not to care about the story.

Early on in the series, Maddie's sister, Sherry, has twins (and Dolly Sweet is 103 years old and in the previous installment, Dolly turns 104 with a big birthday party) but in this installment, the twins are five months old, her niece and Dolly have also aged by two years. I couldn't believe that no one had caught this mistake.

Overall, the series has been great (even with a few flaws) and surprisingly was a fast read. The characters have always been great and these are people that I would like to have as friends.

It was a good ride and I'll probably miss these characters in the future.

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