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Book Review: Trouble Vision by Allison Kingsley


If you had a sixth sense, would you consider it to be a blessing or a curse and what about if it started to become stronger?

This is what Clara Quinn has to figure out in the third installment of the Raven’s Nest Bookstore Mysteries.

As this installment begins, the town of Finn’s Harbor, Maine is torn due to the construction of a luxury resort being built on the outskirts of town. While it’ll be a boom for local businesses, it’s also going to close the smaller motels in the area.

After an informational meeting, Clara and her cousin Stephanie learn of the “accidental” death of Scott Delwyn, the construction foreman.

Unlike the past, Clara has a vision of his death and sees two people at the scene of the accident. The two of them also see Clara before the vision disappears.

A day or two later, the bank is robbed and following it, she has another vision, this time featuring Scott.

As the visions continue, she’s also been reading her adopted dog, Tatters’ thoughts. It’s something that she’s experienced in the past and is becoming much more powerful in this installment.

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Kingsley keeps the action flowing in this installment and maintains a tight story.

The best thing about this series is there is a time span between murders and there isn’t a need to rush the events.

It has been an enjoyable series thus far and I think I’ll miss the trouble that Clara and Stephanie seem to get into.

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