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A Summary Book of "The Sun Is Also a Star"

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The Sun is Also a Stay by Nicola Yoon

The Sun is Also a Stay by Nicola Yoon

The Sun is Also a Star


The Sun is Also a Star


Teen, Romance, Fiction, Science


Nicola Yoon


There was this girl named Natasha Kingsley, a 17 years old girl who was born in Jamaica and moved to America when she was eight years old with her mother, Patricia. Additionally, to be with his father, who moved first to America because of his good and excellent acting career in Jamaica. Natasha has a little brother who is only a US citizen in their Family; he was only nine years old. Family Kingsley thought that their hope was at the hands of Peter because he has this US Citizen, but then, unluckily for them, they do not have the luck. Family Kingsley needs to deport to Jamaica because of the problem that they are an undocumented immigrant that needs to leave.

Natasha went to United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) on her appointment, seeking help to stop their deportation. But then, she was late because of Irene, who scans things before entering the building. For Irene's specific job, she is a guard who monitors stuff with a single gloved hand that scrutinizes each object for clues, for some information to store way and examine items with every applicant.

Karen Whitney is the woman who will meet Natasha but didn't have a chance to meet her because she was late for her appointment 5 minutes because of Irene's scanning. Thus, Natasha luckily met this person whose name is Mr. Lester Barnes. Mr. Lester Barnes tells Natasha that "Everything is Irie" in Jamaica, which means everything is alright there. Still, Natasha refused to believe it because she was once lived there, that even she cannot think that her life is suitable and acceptable to fit in in Jamaica. Her brother Peter wants to live in Jamaica, while Natasha intends to live in America.

Daniel was eating in their kitchen with her umma (mother) when suddenly his brother Charlie came up with the usual poker face in his expression. Daniel is getting ready for his interview at Yale University to be a Doctor because that is what their parents want; to have a good and happy life, even though Daniel has doubts himself. In addition to being informed, Daniel and Charlie do not have good terms.

When Daniel is done eating, he goes to his room to wear the most excellent suit for his interview with a red tie that can make his confidence boost, he says. Daniel hops on a bus reminiscing his childhood from the past up to his adulthood in the present. Also, this is where Daniel encounters the conductor who says go find God before hopping out at the train and the one who uses pun words that makes all the passenger at anger, disbelief, and embarrassed. After hoping out at the train, he saw Natasha in the crowd who was feeling her music with some putting up their hands at her hearts to feel the vibe through his pink headphones. So then, the story of Daniel and Natasha started all there.

Natasha feels embarrassed when she realizes that some people are staring at her, so then she decides to run to the music store where the people rarely go in and suddenly sees her ex-boyfriend Rob with his new girlfriend, Kelly. She saw the both of them stealing some CD'S. Natasha was full of questions on her mind about what they were doing, for then she didn't notice that she mouthed it, she could not stop her mouth from saying it and was shocked that there was someone who answered behind her back, and it is Daniel who followed her.

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Daniel follows her because he thinks that the universe or his fate tells him that he should follow that cute girl he saw. After the incident in the music store, they go separate ways, but Daniel still follows her because he gets distracted by her Jacket that has a "DEUS EX MACHINA" name on it at the back. But then, when Natasha was walking on her way to pass another road, this car nearly bumped into her, and luckily Daniel came over to save her life from the accident. They stumbled on the road and got Natasha's cell phone cracked, and her headphones broke because of that near-death situation.

Natasha thanked him for saving her life but had a sadness in her eyes because her headphones and cell phone had broken that have sentimental value to her. Daniel asks if she's okay and offers to treat her. And, to be accurate, he only wants to be with this girl he just met. Natasha doesn't believe in fate, destiny, and love but always believes in the facts and sciences that can be examined. She is practical.

When the time passed, Natasha went to see Attorney Fitzgerald, hoping that their deportation would be stopped. But then-Attorney Fitzgerald says at the end that he cannot help Natasha with her files because it is too late for their situation. Additionally, before Natasha went to see this Attorney, he told Daniel that he should go now on his way and that Natasha couldn't stay here any longer in America because of their deportation that she wasn't so sure of. Daniel believes that her fate and destiny is to be with Natasha, whom she just met in the crowd. He does think that he would be more so matter when he is with her.

And then, to cut the story short. These two protagonists of the story have gotten to know each other by answering questions on the internet that was searched by Daniel, who challenged Natasha that he could make her fall in love in an hour. Natasha is against it at first and doesn't believe that he can make her fall in love in the end because she doesn't believe in any kind of those things for fate, destiny, true love, and attachment. But when Daniel does make an effort and is determined to catch Natasha's heart, he does not fail to do it because, in the end, Natasha's heart and Natasha's feelings had also gotten into him. But in the end, when the deportation of Family Kingsley occurs, they have to say goodbye to each other.

The story had happened in a day and lasted only for a night.

And ten years later, they eventually find themselves face-to-face again and discover that their lives went in very different directions.



Exposition: A girl named Natasha Kingsley is 17 years old. She will be going to have deportation in 24 hours with her family, which is Samuel Kingsley, her father, Patricia Kingsley, her mother, and her younger brother, Peter Kingsley. Natasha has a lot of knowledge about sciences, facts, and the universe. At the same time, Daniel Jae Won Bae lives with high expectations of his parent and wants to make his parents proud by following his parent's rules. And he has this older brother with a pretty face who was once a good and pleasant brother for him. His older brother's name is Charles Jae Won Bae or Charlie, father's name is Dae Hyun. And the mother's name is Min Soo, a skilled painter.

Rising Action: Natasha and her family will be deported to Jamaica because they are undocumented immigrants. Natasha and Daniel get to know each other by asking some questions on the internet that can make them fall in love. Daniel's life will significantly change if he just took the interview seriously and when that is his priority.

Climax: When Natasha needs to leave America with her family because of their undocumented immigrants and leave Daniel.

Falling Action: They are both pretending that it didn't hurt their feelings when they let go of each other. Daniel is reacting weirdly to Natasha's deportation.

Resolution: The resolution is that they still got a chance to meet.


The Universality of this story relates to those people who want to hold onto things or people who want to let go if needed. It is for those who don't give up easily and will always find ways to continue for what has been forgotten. It is for the people who are determined to get the things they want.

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