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A Review of "the Sensuous Woman"

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The sensuous woman is a human sexuality book written by Joan Garrity, and issued by Lyle Stuart. This book was published in 1969 by Citadel - Kensington publishers with a pseudonym “J as the author (Althaus 2004, 15). The book whose ISBN is 978-0818400780 contains detailed instructions on enhancing human sexuality for women. According to the author, the book was set to ignite the love of women towards their men, how women should deal with their bodies, how they should tap their veiled erotic resource, and how they should train their senses(Garrity 1969, p5). The book, which has 192 pages is essentially designed to arose a woman’s love potential and self esteem so that she can be able to do what is required of her towards a man. It was among the six books on human sexuality that were selected by a famous columnist Penelope Trunk which he included in his list of best books as published in the Week Magazine, edition of September 21, 2007.

Joan Theresa Garrity the author of the Sensuous Woman is an American citizen born in 1940. She was raised in Lee's Summit, Missouri and went to school in Florida. Other books, which she has published, include Shopping in New York, Total Loving: how to love a man and how you can be loved for the rest of your life (1977) and later the Story of "J": the writer of The Sensuous Woman telling the bitter price of her crazy success, coauthored by brother, John Garrity (Bear 2008,p75). In essence, the sensuous woman is aimed at encouraging women to cater to men in terms of love since it is there role to do so and enjoying this love themselves. She presents a step-by step plan on how a woman can become sensuous.

The Author’s goals

In this book, Garrity has combined many sexist, self-deprecatory perceptions with concrete ideas and techniques. The author advises that, the main reason in being a sensuous woman (that is, one who performs well in bed) is to attract and maintain men. Garrity is also set to show in this book that, a woman can have much fun herself through being sensuous. Further, she also shows that, it is important for women to please their own men so that they don’t leave them for others. In fact, she says in the beginning of her book, ...” by means of hard work and intelligence, I transformed myself into a sensuous woman, and this is what most men would want in a woman”( P5). In the first chapter, she argues on why sex is a necessary duty for any normal human, and positively good for couples. “Nobody is capable of skipping out sex, hence we are left out with the option of accepting it and look forward to create good out f it” (p 55).

According to the author, women owe among themselves the right to be fragile and soft, the pleasure of openly crying when they feel like. They should also give themselves unto the men they cherish in whole, and the delight of being given gifts from these men. Garrity argues that, making a man satisfied is a reward of being a sensuous woman. The author’s main points on how a woman can become sensuous include developing appetite, having heightened sensitivity, having sex skills, and the desire to give. She goes on to recommend a sequence of ten exercises that may make a woman to be sensual. Among these is heightening the tactile sense, tongue exercises, and a selection for lace underwear.

My Verdict

The sensual woman can really teach women a lot concerning sexual behavior. The series of exercises recommended by the author can be helpful on their sexual nature since they can liven up their sexuality. I can recommend this book to those women whose sex life is low and for those who want to keep their marriage in the long run. Although the book by Garrity may seem to be outdated in today’s society, most of the advice presented is quite solid. The advice given in this book may assist women to respect themselves, their feelings, and develop an acceptance of the little foibles, which all grown up people, are prone to. It will ignite their love and excitement while making love. The style used by Ms. J Garrity) is quite assuring since it is professionally construed. Although her advice on general disease seems to be within the period of 1969, her opinion in .” if you see a norm in your genital area, don't hesitate to see a gynecologist" (110) is quite relevant even in today’s society. Her opinion on self -confidence as being the essence of being sexy, and being responsible for one’s pleasure is only an affirmation of what other professionals have said on this topic. Couples whose sex life appears to be unfulfilled, and newlyweds will also find the information quite critical in their sex life.

Both beginners and experienced couple in marriage will improve their sex life by reading this guide. The author has effectively shown women how to please their men, encouraging them to be imaginative and assertive without feeling a sense embarrassment or shame. The book has predates on safe sex, and other modern development on sex.

Further, the author has taken up a biological role, and turned it into an enhancer of relationships. Despite the book being outdated, the information will help couples learn on how to love with abandon, and restraint. The author has also employed a simple language and presentation, hence many people could easily understand the information presented. This book is still good and relevant forty-five years after its publication.

Garrity Joan has told women to “reap the considerable benefits of being women which include being fragile and soft”, having their doors opened, crying whenever they wish to, having their packages carried and accepting expensive gifts such as coats and jewelry. Though this statement may make many people to bristle, she says in the next paragraph that “the world is dynamic and so the perceptions concerning sex”.

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There is one area where this book can be faulted, particularly when she says that most men are polygamous by nature. According to her, men have a tendency of having a fertile sexual imagination and a wandering eye; hence, women have to cope with this. This opinion has no scientific or logical basis. However, she advises these women that if they do not want such a thing to happen to them, it is their responsibility to keep men excited and providing them with the adventures they so desires. She goes on to give a good advice on men that they ought to reciprocate the good done on them by their women. If they fails to do this, then they may be regarded as being selfish.

Overall, Garrity has presented her information effectively and it is bound to assist more women on building and improving their sexual life.

My Personal Views on This Book

In my opinion, this book by Garitty is more that appalling due to the frankness of the woman who wrote it. Upon reading the book, I asked myself one question, who it was intended for, and the particular groups that would benefit from the text. I concluded that women, especially those who are sexually competent and politically liberated could find these views agreeable to them or repugnant.

The author has explicitly revealed in this book most of the things women need to do in order to make their sex life, and that of the men they love, more enjoyable since all people have every right and ability to be sensuous. It should be noted that, most women do not know their role in sex, and how they could keep their men to themselves. It is also agreeable that, many of the problems that occur in marital relationships are due to women not understanding their roles in such relationships. Moreover, majority of adultery and infidelity that occur among men could be curbed if women did as they are told in Sensuous Woman. However, most women still do not understand how they should treat their men since very few are frank enough to give their ideas. This book is effective in showing such women how they can attract a man that is worth her attention, and maintain them in their relationship. Through this book, women will understand the need of driving men wild and making him eager to come back for more.

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