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Book Review: The Quotient of Murder by Ada Madison


There have been a few crimozy series in which the main character has stumbled upon an old unsolved murder while investigating a current murder or some other type of research.

Since this is the last installment in this series, Dr. Sophie Knowles stumbles across an apparent suicide from twenty five years earlier, while construction is nearing completion on the bell tower at Henley College.

Although Sophie was away at college at the time, she had never heard of the incident and starts to question those that were with the college at that time. It soon becomes an obsession with her, when her favorite student, Jenn Marshall is brutally attacked in broad daylight on campus.

Jenn's life somewhat parallels the deceased Kirsten Packards.

Both were involved in music and while Jenn comes from a poor family, Kirsten came from an affluent family and became a petty thief, whereas Jenn confesses to stealing about $200 for text books.

Sophie is also the victim of identity theft and as a part time puzzle creator, she receives an unusual email from a new copy editor at one of the magazines that she creates puzzles for. She's upset with the copy editor and soon her inbox is filled with thousands of spam advertisements (something we can all attest to).

When Sophie finds the late Kirsten's roommate from school, she drives to Boston to ask more questions and later that night while sitting at the Boston Police Department, she gets a call from Wendy Carlson and then her phone dies. Later she learns that Wendy is missing.

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I think out of this series, this installment is probably the best, since it was a page turner and you really want to know what happened to Kirsten. Was it murder or suicide? Even the ending is one that you'll have to come to your own conclusion.

Chances are that I probably wouldn't have finished it as fast as I did, but, with being in a new Polar Vortex and having broken pipes, what could I do? The funny thing about this book is it takes place in January and New England is experiencing a Polar Vortex and snowstorms. It's life my life in print at this point!

Madison does keep you guessing throughout and I was once again half right when it came to one of the subplots.

What I won't miss, are the math and brain teasers and now maybe I can finally sleep again now that all this math is behind me!

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