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Book Review: The Pickled Piper by Mary Ellen Hughes

During this past year, it seems that about eighty five percent have been ho hum.

In the crimozy universe, most are always the same and sometimes I really have to push myself to get through them.

This is yet another example.

There’s nothing new here as Piper Lamb has quit her job and moved to her adopted hometown of Cloverdale in upstate New York (or somewhere upstate).

As a kid, she would spend the summers there with her Aunt Judy and Uncle Frank, while her parents (archeologists) would go on digs all over the world. During those summers, she learned canning from her aunt and has now opened up a canning store.

Since she was never around for The Cloverdale Fair, she’s excited to have a booth and get to know more people in the community.

Her assistant, Amy Carlyle, works part time with her and part time at the local restaurant where she wants hands on training before achieving her goal of opening a restaurant.

Anyway, Amy met her current boyfriend, Nate on the bus and she was able to get the musician a job at the restaurant, yet he was turned down for a Master of Ceremonies job at the fair, thanks to Alan Rosemont.

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Well, the two are seen arguing and when Piper gets to her booth the next day, Rosemont is found dead in her pickle barrel.

Nate becomes a person of interest and eventually, two more bodies pop up, but no one can make a connection between Nate and the victims.

Piper and what seems like most of the town try their best to find the killer, while the killer tries to distract Piper from learning the truth.

What happens in this story is in itself a distraction since there are two many characters and sometimes a character is mentioned for a couple of paragraphs and never materializes.

For the most part, the plot and characters are boring, but there are canning recipes at the end, so maybe that might make a difference.


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