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Book Review: The Other Side of Midnight by Sidney Sheldon

Mystery, thriller, love & romance, and suspense novels fascinate me a great deal. The most enthralling ones find a spot in my reviews.

Yes To This Thriller.

The Other Side of Midnight is another fascinating piece of work by Sidney Sheldon. Although the novel is not as perfect as his other tales, you will still be glued to the pages, and your reading will certainly be delightful. That guarantee comes with the brand Sidney Sheldon.

So, don't be in two minds; just relax and read the story. To enhance your experience, I shall apprise you of the highs and lows of this fable.

Let's begin turning the pages and unfold the trill inside.

The Other Side of Midnight By Sidney Sheldon

The Other Side of Midnight By Sidney Sheldon

The Story

The novel starts with a bang. Each male character is gearing up for the scandalous trial of Noelle Page who has been accused of murder.

They are big shots traveling from various parts of the globe. During their journey, they reminisce their history with this female lead.

Even though Noelle has been an integral part of their lives, she has always remained self-reliant and mysterious. When together, they could not tame or control her as much as they wanted to. Now that she is struck with grave misery, they all seek to play a pivotal role - contribute somehow - and claim her back into their lives.

Then we are introduced to the second female lead, Catherine. She is bright, smart, and very talented. Half the book belongs to her.

The time span in which she remains a virgin for most of her teenage and adult life has been aesthetically defined. She is a fighter who is both happy and unhappy about her celibacy. As a result, she is entrapped in the roller coaster of emotion which affects her behavior with men.

Her disdain or plight ends when she meets her boss - the editor of a magazine. Everything is going awesomely smooth until another man enters her life.

Catherine gets carried away by the charm and characteristics of Harry Douglas. As if under a spell, she marries Harry and not the editor (Bill).

Doing so, she has made a grave mistake and has put her life in danger. If only she knew that Death is going to knock on her door more than once. Will she die?

Let's now drift back to the one and only Noelle Page. Her sad story becomes her strength. Her ravishing figure, personality, and looks are her assets that men want to brutally exploit, corrupting her impression of men. She decides to use her assets and achieve her goals.

She is self-made, rich, down-to-earth, cool, and very devoted to her paramours. She cooks for them, performs excellently in bed, and expects nothing in return. But, she always has a plan that cannot be perceived by any of her lovers, so an enthralling enigma surrounds her forever leaving men crazy and mad about her.

In spite of being powerful and indestructible, adversity strikes the gorgeous Noelle.

Where would her beauty, intelligence, cunningness, and contacts lead her to?

In the game of love and hatred, beauty and intelligence, mind and heart, wealth and power what quality is going to win?

Unravel the fate of Noelle and Catherine and the other suspense that lurks in The Other Side of Midnight!

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My Review

Even though I loved the novel entirely, I believe some parts could have impacted better.

For example, the big men who were eager to attend Noelle's trial should have pulled up their strings and made some difference given they had sparked good curiosity in the beginning. However, they merely sat as the audience and did nothing.

Noelle's conduct was confusing, unreasonable, and unacceptable most of the time. A big chunk of her storyline deals with investigating the personal life and whereabouts of her paramour Harry Douglas who has betrayed her, thereby leaving her in irrevocable fury and vengeance.

With the help of a private detective she keeps a close eye on Harry, meanwhile, she is building a rock-solid profile hopping from one wealthy star to another. All this to take the ultimate revenge and destroy the casanova, Harry.

But, during the time of retribution, she gets weak in her knees and foolishly accepts him into her life. She also says 'Welcome back' to him. This unwise move questions the entire purpose of her meticulous game plan and the painstaking strategy she had madly been following.

The only logical explanation I have figured out is that she foolishly surrendered to love even when Harry was neither sorry nor deserving. He did not have the slightest of memory of the wreck he had caused in her life. She, on the other hand, kept obsessing about him but ended up acting stupid. Viewers will find that part unfathomable. I, for one, could not stomach that maneuver.

Hence, the gorgeous Noelle Page was very disappointing.

The second protagonist Catherine was another disappointment. Despite being smart and intelligent, she fell prey to the hands of the other main characters.

I coveted her to be the one to emerge as the real player and the stunner, sadly the good Catherine was not given that power and strength by the author. My heart went out to her for all her troubles.

Actually, in the other novels by Sidney Sheldon, the heroines are clear winners. They are formidable and always have a way out.

In this novel, however, the women even though strong were still vulnerable. Maybe, I wasn't prepared to handle that version of their fate, and that's is what pricked as well as surprised me simultaneously.



Rating: 3.7 out of 5

All the novels by our beloved author ought to have excellent ratings. Only a fool will give a low rating to his brilliant work. It's not just the story, but the writing style, the research, the choice of words, and the ability to not bore the readers that crown Sidney Sheldon as the master of blockbusters.

The Other Side of Midnight delivers a strong message that even the smartest of people can be outsmarted and that the possession of power is the ultimate weapon that can strike down almost anyone including the wealthiest as well as the most attractive folks. Power subdues everything else.

Oh Yes! There is a Movie About The Novel Too!

About The Author

Sidney Sheldon's original name was Sidney Schechtel. He is 'The Newyork Times Best seller' and the 6th best selling author of all times. He is an American Author who is known to write thriller and suspense novels. He also has an Oscar award for his screenplay work. The sitcom 'I dream of Jeannie' is one of his creations. He died on 30th of January 2007 by Pneumonia. His age was 87.

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