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Book Review: The Legend Sleepy Harlow by Kylie Logan


After two successful installments, this installment is just meh. Maybe I just couldn’t wrap my head around it, but all in all, it’s still a good story.

The League of Literary Ladies have chosen The Legend of Sleepy Hollow as their current selection of discussion since Halloween is right around the corner and South Bass Island is preparing for an influx of tourists.

With her first Halloween on the island, Bea Cartwright is looking forward to the upcoming festivities, her guests at the B and B include the ghost hunting team the Elkhart Ghost Getters (EGG) who are there to track down the headless ghost of Charlie “Sleepy” Harlow, a notorious bootlegger.

While preparations are underway, Bea has also been asked to edit librarian Marianne Littlejohn‘s book on Sleepy’s life. Unfortunately, Bea has a problem when her neighbors cat, Jerry Garcia, uses the manuscript as a litter box.

As Bea tries to keep this away from Marianne, the body of head EGG, Norene Turner is found in a cardboard coffin, which makes fellow Literary Lady, Kate Wilder the prime suspect after the EGG’s trespass at Kate’s winery.

The other EGG’s aren’t too upset that Norene is dead and while they have a television show to produce, they spend their time trying to find other haunted parts of the island.

As Bea reworks the book, she begins to delve into the legend of Sleepy, which brings many surprises.

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I think the reason why I couldn’t wrap my head around this installment was it went into full crimozy mode, with having one of the main characters as the prime suspect. And while Kate is the main suspect, she’s barely in the story.

The story and characters are fine, but I think it would have been a better story had all of the ladies been involved, as they were in the debut of the series.

Logan has really done a good job with the series thus far and has put a good spin on these classics.

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