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Book Review: The Girl Who Played With The Ouija Board by William Malmborg


With the best part of the year fast approaching, autumn brings the perfect cloudy/rainy days and perfect reading weather. And if you're looking for a fast read, well maybe an all-day read, then this is a book you shouldn't miss.

On the last weekend before school is set to start for the students of St. Katherine's, an innocent party goes awry when Penny passes out after touching a Ouija board. She's not sure what happened but soon finds out that she appeared to be possessed.

Following the incident, she and her cousins Olivia and Nicky head off to school and in her first class, she has another episode, but this time she has visions to go along with the seizure. After being spooked by this she keeps the information to herself.

With school over for the day, Olivia, Penny, Joey and Martin go over to his house. As Olivia's boyfriend, the two have some unfinished business to tend to while his parents are at work, so Joey walks Penny home. The problem is, she doesn't know the address since she just moved in with her relatives, following an accident that kept her in the hospital for most of the summer and killed her porn star mother.

While Penny hopes that Joey asks her out, he doesn't, so she takes the initiative and asks him out. He accepts and the two plan on going out on Friday.

During the week, she doesn't have any seizures or visions and Joey tells her that the hot place to be is the Galleria, since this particular mall has seen a resurgence of sorts.

The next day, Olivia drags her to the mall and they "run into" Martin and Joey. Even though it was planned by Olivia, the three want to learn how to play Dungeons and Dragons and Penny, having been a Dungeon Master, is excited that she can get a group together. She notices one of the girls from school who makes a comment, and she begins to have another seizure with a vision.

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Following this episode, she spends the night in the hospital and when she's released stays home for the next couple of days.

During this time, she goes through some boxes in the basement and has a somewhat heart to heart talk with her aunt about her mother. She learns a few things about her, and her aunt tells her that she had hoped she would have become writer rather than a porn star, and while she doesn't mention it, she was envious of her sister because she died a multimillionaire and Penny is set to inherit all of it when she turns eighteen.

Penny also confesses to her Aunt Susan about what's been happening, and she tells Penny that her mother was possessed while in college. She tells her that she'll have Father Collins come over and have a chat.

In part two of the book, everything begins to change course and the rollercoaster begins. There are a lot of twists and turns along the way, and you'll soon find yourself scratching your head. Even though the clues are right in your face, you're still going to scratch your head because you missed them.

This isn't really as suspenseful as I thought it would be and it's not as graphic as Malmborg's Jimmy.

From the beginning you're drawn into the story and before you know it you've finished it, but my one complaint about the book is supposedly takes place in the course of a week. With so much going on, it felt like more time had passed.

This was the only thing that I found confusing and there's very little narrative (meaning no character description) so I found with just the dialogue and the very little bit of narrative, I was able to come up with scenes that I thought they should have been.

With all of the past novels I've read, this seems to be the tamest of the lot.

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