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Book Review: The Ghost and Mrs. Mewer by Krista Davis


Sometimes when I’m sitting on the fence, it seems like I’m sitting on one of those sharp spikes that’s electrified.

Such is the case in the second installment of this series.

In the town of Wagtail, Virginia, it’s time for the residents to celebrate Howloween and this year, a television show, the Apparition Apprehenders are coming to shoot the pilot and explore the towns paranormal activities.

Holly Miller has returned to work with her Oma as a partner at the Sugar Maple Inn and is looking forward to the planned activities. Unfortunately, the death of Mallory Gooley puts a damper on the festivities.

With a growing list of suspects, Holly and her friends delve into the legends of the early settlers while the celebrations continue. Holly also discovers a connection between a former donor from her past fundraising job and childhood friend, Clementine Wiggins.

This information also puts Clementine and her young triplets in danger.

Unlike many holiday themed crimozies, Davis keeps the story going and doesn’t focus on one plot.

When the story begins to slow down, she pulls it back by including another planned event in the town while another piece of the puzzle is revealed. Plus, it feels like you’re actually a part of the story during the celebrations.

I really like the characters and the town but at times my mind did tend to wander and I thought this was a vast improvement from the debut of the series.

One of the great things with Davis’ writing, is whenever she does a holiday themed story, she really does put you into that mindset.

Also, pay particular attention to how the residents decorate for Halloween. There are some imaginative ideas, especially at Aunt Birdie’s house.

As in the first installment, Davis does supply some recipes for humans and pets.