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Book Review: The Dog Who Knew Too Much by Krista Davis


After six installments to this series, I just can't get into it. Why? I wish I had an answer for you.

As this installment starts, two dogs have disappeared from their homes in Wagtail, Virginia and Holly Miller is afraid that her Jack Russell, Trixie, could be on the thief's short list.

It's early summer and America's favorite dog, Pippin, has come to the Sugar Maple Inn for some relaxation before he and the cast of his new show start filming. The producer thought it would be a good idea for the cast to spend some time away from Hollywood and bond with one another. Afterall, rumor has it that the show is going to be a ratings hit.

Temperamental actor, Howard Hirschtritt, doesn't want to stay at the inn, and has instead rented a house, but the day after arriving in town, he goes back to the inn and demands that he get a room.

Inn co-owner Holly politely reminds him that he had forfeited his original reservation by not checking in with the rest of the cast and in his tirade let's everyone know that there will be eventual hell to pay.

However, he's found dead later by Holly when her dog, Trixie, manages to escape with Pippin. The collar that Trixie is wearing has a GPS, but when Holly arrives at the house Howard is renting, there is no sign of the dogs.

But, before his murder, he was the main suspect in the murder of one of Wagtail's residents.

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The town is shocked when they discover that the first victim came into contact with fentanyl and are wondering if there's a drug runner amongst them.

One question that's on Holly's mind is why a strange man wants Trixie. He claims that she's his dog but Holly will fight him tooth and nail when it comes to the pup.

While the storylines of the production company and the dognapping are interesting, it would have been a more suspenseful read had Davis explored the dognapping's in greater detail. Since this is a town that welcomes animals of all types, I think it would have been one of those books that you can't put down. Sadly, this isn't the case.

Again Davis brings the town of Wagtail to life with some interesting characters along with the usual residents. But, again, there are too many characters to keep up with, which slows the story.

The next installment is scheduled to be released on March 31, 2021.

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