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Book Review: Take the Monkey and Run by Laura Morrigan


Saving the best for last wasn't a good idea when it comes to this series. It should have been either the second or third book, but who am I to judge or make the decision.

Actually, the first in the series could have been a stand-alone story, since the past three are all connected by the mysterious Logan.

Anyway, Grace Wilde is hired by Anya Zharova. She flies Grace out to New Orleans and puts her up in a luxury hotel and tells her that her sister, Veronica, has gone missing and she needs help with trying to find her.

As an animal telepath, grace isn't sure if she can help, but Anya assures her that Veronica's cat, Coco, will be able to help. Grace's sister, Emma tells her that it's a free trip and to take advantage of it.

After the two meet, Anya introduces her to Dr. Barry Schellenger and he tells her that Veronica has probably stopped taking her medication for schizophrenia, but when she meets Coco, she's told another story. Anya demands to know where Veronica had gotten the cat and Grace can't give her the information, since she is picking up a woman's legs and bunny slippers.

Grace receives a text from Logan, and he warns her to stay away from Anya and Barry since they're up to no good, and once again he disappears.

While Grace wanders around New Orleans, there's a lot of commotion when a capuchin monkey is spotted in various parts of town, and she offers her services to the director of the local zoo. Grace was able to pick up on the monkey's thoughts but doesn't know that what she's picking up on are future events.

When she gets back to the hotel, she sees Barry lurking outside and ducks into a bar, where she remembers street performer Marvo the Magician. She tells him what's happening, and he makes a few calls, and she ends up at a B&B run by Belinda, a six-foot six drag queen psychic.

Belinda tells her that she was expecting her and picks up on Grace's abilities.

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The next day, she and Belinda go to the hotel where a package is waiting for her, but she's afraid that Barry or Anya will be waiting for her. The two disguise themselves and she tells Grace that it's the beginning of Mardi Gras and no one will be able to recognize her.

At the hotel, the desk clerk tells her that she has messages and since Logan has stolen her phone, she finds out that it's Emma and her boyfriend Kai has also left her a message.

They're on their way to the Big Easy for the weekend to keep Grace company, along with Emma's new beau, Hugh.

Once they get into town, Grace fills them in at the B&B and they all put their heads together to figure out what Anya and Barry want from Veronica.

They later find out that Veronica is a person of interest in the murder of her uncle (along with her brother) since she was able to lead police to the body.

When they do find Veronica, she tells them that she too is psychic and that her grandmother Hattie has been kidnapped. After putting everything together, Grace figures out that Cornelius, the monkey, has been showing her Hattie being tortured in some type of lab.

This is where I end the review because it gets crazy wild and the last few pages are definite page turners, with a very interesting premise.

As for the ending of the series, I guess it really wasn't planned that way since Grace has a human vision of Kai and the most that I can figure out is that the two must end up getting married and having a baby, since she sees him holding one at a sink.

Belinda is a refreshing character in this book, and I think it would have been interesting if the series had continued to bring her back on occasion, but it is a series worth checking out.

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