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Book Review: Sidney Sheldon’s Reckless

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Sidney Sheldon's Reckless


Tilly Bagshawe


0062304054 (ISBN13: 9780062304056)


Tracy Whitney #3


Fiction, Thriller

No. of Pages


Preceded by

Sidney Sheldon's Chasing Tomorrow

Sidney Sheldon was and still is one of my favorite authors. I have read all of her and still crave for more. Sheldon’s family commissioned Tilly Bageshaw to carry on his legacy which has been a great news for Sidney Sheldon fans like me. Although nobody can ever replace Sidney Sheldon, it feels good to be able to read the same kind of novels in the inimitable Sheldon style.

Sidney Sheldon’s Reckless is written by Tilly Bageshaw and tracks the story of Tracy Whitney. Tracy Whitney has undoubtedly been one of the most popular heroines of Sidney Sheldon who first featured in If Tomorrow Comes. Tracy Whitney has been an international con artist who pulled off seemingly impossible burglaries and thefts with her partner Jeff Stevens. Tilly Bageshaw brought Tracy Whitney back in Chasing Tomorrow, and her intriguing story continues in ‘Reckless.’

Everything passes. Nothing is forever. Least of all love.

— Tilly Bagshawe, Sidney Sheldon's Reckless


Tracy Whitney has retired from her adventurous life as a con artist and is now living anonymously in a remote town with her teenaged son Nicholas. Her world revolves around Nicholas whom she has raised single-handedly with the help of her ranch manager and close friend Blake Carter. Jeff Stevens (her estranged husband) didn't know about Nicholas all these years but now when he knows about Nicholas, he yearns to spend time with him. But at Tracy's insistence, he maintains his distance from Nicholas. Tracy fears that their past might catch up with them and put Nicholas's safety in danger.

In the other world, Group 99 is slowly emerging as the new terror outfit on the block. The group started off as rebels with a humanitarian goal of wiping social injustice & inequality but gradually turned into a terrorist organization which poses a serious threat to global peace. The group comprises of an international base of hackers who are out to attack the establishment and big business. Hunter Drexel is an American investigative journalist who is working on a sensational story. He is abducted by Group 99 and is imprisoned at a secret location along with Bob Daley, a British soldier.

When Group 99 brutally kills Bob Daley and releases the video on social media, MI6 and CIA wake up to the potential threat that Group 99 poses to world peace. They join hands to save Hunter Drexel and eradicate Group 99 once and for all. The rescue operation fails miserably resulting in many casualties but the most baffling thing is that Hunter Drexel runs away from the commandos who fought to free him from his captors.

The CIA brings in Tracy Whitney for assistance to infiltrate and bring down Group 99. Tracy has lost her son and her friend Blake in a tragic accident. She has reasons to believe that the accident was fabricated by Group 99 and so she agrees to be a part of the mission. Her search for truth behind her son’s mysterious death gets her involved with CIA and takes her across the globe in a mission to uncover Group 99. However, everything is not as it seems on the surface. The chase brings her in contact with Jeff Stevens once again. Will Tracy be able to uncover the truth behind Nicholas's death? Will Jeff and Tracy be able to eradicate Group 99? Will Jeff and Tracy reunite? Read the novel to find the answers.

Sidney Sheldon's Reckless Quiz

For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

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  1. Who is the author of Sidney Sheldon's Reckless?
    • Sidney Sheldon
    • Tilly Bagshawe
  2. In which book, Tracy Whitney first appears?
    • If Tomorrow Comes
    • Chasing Tomorrow
  3. Who is Tracy Whitney's partner in love and crime?
    • Jeff Stevens
    • Doug McMahon
  4. Sidney Sheldon's Reckless is a sequel of
    • Chasing Tomorrow
    • If Tomorrow Comes
  5. Who is the son of Tracy Whitney?
    • Nicholas
    • Blake

Answer Key

  1. Tilly Bagshawe
  2. If Tomorrow Comes
  3. Jeff Stevens
  4. Chasing Tomorrow
  5. Nicholas

My Review

Like all the other Sidney Sheldon’s novels, this one grips you from start to finish. Tilly Bagshawe deftly plots an exciting story and throws in enough twists and surprises to keep readers on the edge of their seats. Bagshawe is not as good as Sidney Sheldon in my opinion, but she still has done a good job. You might feel disappointed if you compare her with Sheldon, but you will enjoy the book if you read it without expectations. There is plenty of intrigue, action, tragedy, romance and chases combined with emotional ups and downs in the book, making it a page-turner for sure.

I found the plot to be quite intriguing. It features terrorists against mysterious and shady characters from the CIA, FBI, and the MI-6. And of course, with Tracy’s estranged partner in both love and crime, Jeff Stevens, we have an interesting potboiler. The tragic death of Nicholas brings an element of shock that makes you feel the immense pain and grief Tracy has been going through. In spite of her sadness and frustration, she still shows her natural ability to con the system and take revenge on the persons responsible for her loss.

Suspense, action, thrills, and emotions are all rolled in one! The book is definitely an interesting one worth a read and is a good value for your money for those who enjoy the genre or Sidney Sheldon's books.

My Rating: 3/5


About The Author

Tilly Bagshawe is the international bestselling author of nine novels but is best known for her books for Sidney Sheldon Series in the vein of best-selling American author Sidney Sheldon. Tilly enjoyed a successful career in the City before becoming a writer. As a journalist, she contributed regularly to the Sunday Times, Daily Mail and Evening Standard. Her first book, Adored, was a smash hit and she hasn’t looked back since.

Tilly Bagshawe at the Sheldon Ranch

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