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Book Review: Scrolls and Chapters by Franchesca


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Book Title: Scrolls and Chapters
Genre: Free Verse, Prose
Author: Author

So here we are... Let me share to you the book review I wrote for Scrolls and Chapters, my debut book.

What? I reviewed my own book!?! I know this is weird, but here it goes...

I don't want to be biased, so how will I start... Seriously?! All right. I'll just outstrip it from a writer's view.

What an adventure it was to write a book with my name on it! When I was writing the manuscript, I was learning to have a sense of authority and ownership over my own thoughts—a sense of control on how I would want to sketch things in words. It was intensely engaging, deeply and highly satisfying! It was something that created excitement to my every day, even after I wrote the book. That after effect and after glow... I believe that it wasn't just me whose eyes were in total excitement but as well as those who completely embraced my words, those who lightly and carefully carried them in their arms like a newborn—my readers. That's how exactly it was. That's how familiar it felt.

How would I forget the details—of how invigorating they were, of how they wanted (to read) some more! What made their feedback and comments heart-melting was the fact that they were unsolicited.

Would you like to know my favorite pieces? Actually, they were all—for if not, they wouldn't be lettered in the interior. But I knew I had to be detailed, so I listed some eight.

To have my
is not
end goal.

you know
what is?

To see them
in your
hands and
read and kept.

27th Article: End Goal, #1

She doesn't
need to
defend herself;
her articles
are doing their job.

9th Article: 9th Article, #2

Vision, seen;
dreams, dreamt;
lives, lived—
the way
they should.

A time span
of memories,

Mind, written;
pages, turned;
future, ours.

You and I, royal.

13th Article: The Way They Should, #3

The layers of her skin narrate
a chronicle—about home and upbringing.

Lullabied by the way she tells things,
there is rawness—a motherly sound
that brings anyone who hears her
to the native days of classicism, a saga.

Grandma—La, the gleam
on your face that never aged... keep that.

32nd Article: Lola Isabel, #4

A quill that for years had bled its ink,
words that turned into stanzas
for the world to read... thumbed through
the pages—reading the books of mine
in gray hair days, sitting in my rocking chair.

14th Article: Less Than a Century From Now, #5

The painted parade of gladness,
traces of smile—facing the pavilion's
aisle, a homage.

Crowned by the depth of glory...

All are framed-in on the kingdom's
wall—alongside corners
and squares of the palace's portico.

76th Article: Palace's Portico, #6

One day,
I will
for my

of two.

31st Article: Day One, #7

She doesn't just create
a masterpiece; she is
the masterpiece herself.

54th Article: Respect, #8

How will I rate my own book, then? This is becoming more unusual... but well—of course, without doubt, I'm giving it a perfect score—for humanity's sake, for the sake of believing in one's self.

It's your turn! Let me know your favorite articles. Comment your Top 8!

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You may also browse Scrolls and Chapters on Wattpad: @herinspiredstories.

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