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Book Review: Scraping the Bone: Ten Dark Tales by William Malmborg


When was the last time you sat down and read short stories? It's been that long, huh? I admit that it's been awhile for me as well, but I was looking for something fast to read and came upon this collection of ten creepy tales.

Since I'm between reviewing series, I thought this would be a good way to clean my mental palette, so to speak.

In the introduction, Malmborg tells us what scared him (and at the end of the book, he gives a glimpse of what inspired each story) when he turned 21 in 2005 and went with his gut feelings when it came to writing. I think that was the scariest part of the entire collection.

The tales he tells are dark and do keep you wondering after you've read them, often being disappointed because some just end with no clear explanation. I always hate when a story abruptly ends, because years later it might pop into your mind and you say to yourself that now you finally get it.

My favorites, which could have been turned into full length novels were Jacob's Gift and The Boneyard. These two alone would definitely keep you up at night.

While The Other Side does have a unique twist, I did have to scratch my head because to me, it really wasn't a horrific story. I could see this as a novella and then I think it would have been a little better.

Since theses are short stories, expect to spend at least an hour or two reading this since it is hard to put down once you've started.

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The one thing to remember is these stories feature "regular" people up against some strange odds which make it even scarier, since you never know what a family member or neighbor is up too.

I'm looking forward to reading his full length novels which do look creepy.

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