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Book Review: Scorched Eggs by Laura Childs


When a book starts off with an explosion, you know it's going to be a good read. Especially when there's destruction and of course a murder.

This is how Scorched Eggs begins and I wonder why author Laura Childs didn't get into the action writing books, since her disaster scenes are so well written.

Anyway, Suzanne is having a touch up at Root 66 when she starts to smell smoke. At first, she thinks it's coffee burning or the chemicals under the hairdryer. She gets up and goes outside just in time when there's an explosion and deadly fire next door.

The firefighters eventually bring out the body of Hannah Venable.

While the town of Kindred is in shock over both the fire and death, the Cackleberry Club is busy getting ready for the wedding of one of their casual employees, Kit.

Kit was introduced in the previous installment of the series, where we learned that she was pregnant and was a former dancer at the local strip club. Now that she's turned her life around, she's looking forward to marrying Ricky Wilcox.

But the "I do's" aren't going to happen, since Sherriff Roy Doogie interrupts the ceremony and arrests Ricky for both the fire and murder.

Devastated, Kit asks Suzanne to help Ricky and while she loves Kit, she can't say no and begins to look into both the fire and Hannah's death, but she doesn't know where to begin since everyone in town also loved Hannah. She can't see why anyone would want to hurt her, let along kill her.

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As Suzanne begins her casual investigation, the Cackleberry Club also has a few days to get everything together for the premiere of a dinner theatre. Cook Petra is busy planning the menu and Toni, the other co-owner, tries to figure out how to get one of the arson investigators interested in her.

One day, Suzanne takes one of her dogs to the vet's and while waiting in the exam room, she starts to smell smoke again and sees a thin line of smoke coming from under the door. Opening it, the vet yells to everyone to get out of the building since it's on fire.

Thankfully, the firefighters get there in time and are able to put it out, but Suzanne starts to get the feeling that someone is now after her.

I would have to say that this installment has been the best by far since it was a fast read and there's a lot more action in it than any of the previous installments.

The one problem that I have with the series, is Childs has too many characters which really don't advance the story. She names characters who are "extras" and they really don't do anything for the stories. They're basically fillers and really serve no purpose.

This clutters up the stories and with so many, I often ask myself if I should try to remember them and will they pop up again?

One of the other problems I had with this installment was the build up to the dinner theatre.

Based on the way the Cackleberry Club layout (in my mind) I couldn't figure out the logistics of how the play was going to be staged along with the dressing rooms, etc. I also didn't buy the fact that the theatre company only had one rehearsal two days before the actual performance.

Other than the small problems I had with this installment, this is a fun little series and once again, there are plenty of recipes to try once the story is over.

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