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Book Review: Night of the Living Thread by Janet Bolin


After suffering through the first three installments of this series, there really aren’t any more words to describe just how bad this series has been.

I’ve tried to find something good about it (the covers are nice) but how it managed to get to the fourth installment still has me confused.

In this installment, fellow shop owner Edna is getting married to Dr. Gord Wrinklesides and while this is a hot event for the ladies (and throngs of tourists) Willow gets an unexpected houseguest (compliments of her mother) and becomes the suspect in yet another murder.

So far Willow has been somehow involved in each murder, but it’s not surprising. The lucky ones are murdered and don’t have to spend over two hundred pages of suffering. We’re the ones made to suffer.

Anyway, there’s a zombie convention at the lodge which causes some chaos in town.

I really wouldn’t call this a mystery, nor the previous installments since nothing really happens. Sure, there’s the murder, but if the main character is going to consistently be the suspect then what’s the use in reading?

Bolin continues to write bad narrative and previous reviews never give these stories higher than two stars. Of course fellow cozy mystery writers favored the series, but why?

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At this point, I just wanted to stop reading and go into rehab since I feel damaged.

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