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Book Review: Newlywed Dead by Nancy J. Parra


I can’t remember the last time I did a happy dance, but it’s safe to say that once I finished this series I did, along with throwing the book into a box for another unsuspecting victim.

The Perfect Proposals Mysteries could have been a good series, but never found its voice.

In this installment, Pepper’s sister Felicity is finally married and as the reception is winding down, the bartender is found on the floor.

Pepper tried in vain to save her (a fact that we’re reminded of with every character she encounters) and later we discover that she was murdered by a lethal dose of Xanax and alcohol.

But Pepper’s problems are just beginning since she has four proposals that she has agreed to do and all seem to take place within days.

The only thing consistent with this series is Parra brings any errors to the table right away, which in effect makes you lose interest almost immediately. How three installments came of this, I don’t know.

There are too many characters, a timeline that really doesn’t exist, repetitive dialogue and a lot of other things that just don’t make sense in this hot mess.

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