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Book Review: Murder Gone A-Rye by Nancy J. Parra


Remember in The Sound of Music how Maria seems to be the problem for the nuns? Well, their problems are nothing when compared to Ruth Nathers.

At ninety something years old, Ruth is a handful for her granddaughter, Toni Holmes and the rest of the Nathers clan.

In the days leading up to Thanksgiving Toni is busy at her bakery, Baker’s Treat, while former investigative journalist Ruth has been arrested for the murder of Lois Striker. After years of harboring a secret, Lois was ready to talk and Ruth was to meet her and spill her secrets.

For feisty Ruth, she is enjoying the time spent in custody and when her friend Phyllis arrives from California the two get into a whole lot of trouble.

From late night breaking and entering to guilt trips, these two are more than a handful and are driving Toni crazy.

As the duo suck Toni further into their investigation someone may become another victim in the killers plan of keeping the secrets buried.

For the second installment in this series, the action is maintained as in the debut.

However, the beginning is a hot mess for a few chapters.

As the story begins, Toni is working on a float that she’s entering in the Homer Everett Day parade (it’s held on Thanksgiving) along with a few volunteers. It’s specifically stated that its Saturday afternoon.

Later the same day, Ruth is arrested and after Toni leaves the police station, Ruth’s friend Phyllis is in the back of the bakery van starting Toni. She’s heard of Ruth being arrested and manages to drive from California to Kansas in a few hours.

Then it’s Tuesday and then Sunday. This bit of editing should have been caught, along with Toni’s lawyer who grew to 6’7 and then back to his original height of 6’5.

If you can get past this big editing error (there are minor problems along the way) I think you’ll truly enjoy this installment.

The characters are fun and Ruth is someone you really wish could be your grandmother.

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