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Book Review: Mind Sight Training to See Without Eyes

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subtle perception

subtle perception

Sean McNamara wrote this book as a pilot program for adults. His teaching was based on his personal experience rather than formal training. In other words, he was not trained to teach mind sight. He trained himself by reading books, watching videos on YouTube, and practicing with a partner or a group. He then published this book in 2021.

The book starts with a few chapters on the theory, beliefs, and advice of the author. A training journal is included with instructions on how to apply the exercises.

The training is divided into 14 phases. In the first few phases, the readers start by familiarizing themselves with colors. The last steps in the training have to do with identifying upper- and lower-case words. People learn to perceive colors, shapes black and white, letters and numbers.

The training is meant for adult beginners. The intended goal is to strengthen the ability to perceive mental objects. He considered this training as complementary to remote viewing as most remote viewers have trouble seeing numbers. Chapter 8 is devoted to practising seeing numbers.

Sean McNamara gave permission to teachers to use any concepts of his teaching (page 24) without crediting him. You can find downloadable videos on his website.

The practice of mind sight requires the use of a blindfold. An even better version of a blindfold is a mind fold that costs a minimum of US$35 on Amazon.

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The author starts his book by explaining the basic principles. My impression was that it took too long to get to the exercises, but he emphasized that basic knowledge is essential to a successful practice.

What Helps?

According to the author, relaxation nurtures psychic development and promotes a stress-reducing way of life. Meditation develops one’s feeling or sensing subtle mental experiences. People who meditate regularly notice the subtle impressions experienced while wearing a blindfold over their eyes.

The author stressed that if you want to succeed in this practice, it is essential that you have fun doing it. He advised readers to find ways to stimulate their emotional commitment, steer clear of overtraining, work with a partner or a group, have a sense of newness, and view training as a positive challenge.

What is Required?

This training requires a lot of patience, a strong commitment to practice and an even stronger desire to learn to see with your eyes closed behind a blind fold.

If you wish to train, you will have to purchase some material that can be found at your local office supplies store.


A copy of the paperback costs US$19.99 on Amazon and includes a training log.

For the Mind Sight eBook Kindle and audiobook readers, purchasing the training log costs an additional US$12.99 on Amazon. The purpose of the training log is to help the eBook and audiobook readers to follow the session assignments.


Sean McNamara cautions people who are visually impaired or have an eye disease to stay away from this training. This training is only meant for adult people with no eye disease.

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