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Book Review: Keepers of the Kalachakra

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Image Copyright; A User From Instagram

Image Copyright; A User From Instagram

Book Info

Book Title:

Keepers Of The Kalachakra


Ashwin Sanghi

Release Date:

28 Jan, 2018



Ashwin Sanghi: The Author

Among best-selling fiction writers in India. MBA from Yale University and lives in Mumbai. Known for his novels on Indian Mythology. Ashwin Sanghi has included by Forbes India in their celebrity 100. He also writes non-fiction and 13 Step Series is his notable work.


This is a tale of a conspiracy that is secretly in execution and someone is trying to manipulate the course of nature by using some powers beyond normal human possibility. Random people are being killed by mystical and anonymous forces. The mystery is revealed when Vijay Sundaram meets Brahmananda.

The Philosophy Of The Author

According to the author; mythology is a set of lies that people rarely believe and History is a set of lies that people have agreed to believe. From the author’s perspective, the main purpose of this book is to give people a state of mind in which they can think about some concepts that are untouched by mankind but still exists within them. Along with mythological philosophies, the author also presents many scientific theories. The famous Double Slit Experiment is described in this book with much detailed explanation. The only base on which the plot is written is called The Concept of Duality in this book. And I would not spoil your experience by explaining this concept. This book is a mixture of mythology and science fiction. We will get to know about these genres in detail in this article ahead.

The Opening Chapters

I wasn't sure how I'd end this book? The first chapters confused me like ‘what the hell is happening here.’ Later in the end I came to know why the first chapter was like that which was mind-blowing. You don’t need to be a spiritual man or a master in science to understand this book’s plot. It is as simple as any classical crime thriller book. But there is only one condition; you have to accept the philosophy of the author in mythology and science. Which is fun. This book attracted me to read more about Hindu Mythology and Vedic Science. The story was a little bit tricky in the beginning but when you get curious to find the mysteries behind all the incidents you will truly devolve in the book.

Negative: There Are Just Lectures in Some Chapters

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If you read the author for the first time you will find his writing style completely different from other fiction writers. This is because in this book there are lectures in almost every chapter on physics, history, and mythology. You will find that some whole chapters are dedicated to theories that affect the storyline. There is a possibility that in the meantime you will forget some characters’ names. As the author claims; he spends most of his time researching the ideas and concepts for the book before writing the first page of the story. It’s like the author loves to put whatever knowledge he has gained throughout the research in the book.

Ultimately you will skip all such research-based chapters and move on to find which upcoming chapter is continuing the story; if you are not interested in reading lectures.

Is It Lengthy and Boring?

The book tells the story in 420 pages and contains 200 chapters, quite heavy. For me, it was a 2-day read and I read this book in continuity. I didn’t find it boring. Yet it was my first book that was based on a mythological concept I liked it so much. I read romance, self-help, and short stories before this book and according to my prior reads I should have disliked it as it doesn’t match my existing interests. On the contrary, I found another genre in book reading and I believe this is how we adopt certain interests. So, being a bookworm we should develop a habit to explore and I think mythology is something that we can try.


The core idea behind this book is settled in between the middle chapters of this book. This makes it so difficult to make any assumptions like what will happen next? There is curiosity but there is also no such need. After the core idea gets unfolded you will notice many connecting dots, a series of suspense openings, and especially the characters’ connectedness. The uniqueness of this book makes it a must-read but at the same time, it also makes the reader face an unexpected ending.

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