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Book Review: It Ends With Us

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Hi there, and welcome! I'm Blondie Bookworm and I'm the writer behind The Bookworm Bible, a blog where I share book reviews and other content related to reading. I've decided to share my review on this book because I really enjoyed it, and I want to recommend it others! I love writing book reviews to help others find new books to read and to inspire others to share their opinions on books as well. I hope you enjoy.


Here's my review!

It Ends With Us is a Fiction Romance novel written by Colleen Hoover. However, this is not a typical romance novel. I want to give a heads up, without spoiling too much, but this book does talk about a difficult topic. Understand that this is not just a light and enjoyable read. While it is still very enjoyable in my opinion, be prepared for something a little more intense, powerful, and inspiring.

I found this book to be incredibly inspiring and I would recommend it to all young adult/new adult readers. The story follows a woman named Lily Bloom, who moves to a new state and opens her own business. She meets a neurosurgeon named Ryle, and - spoiler alert - they fall in love, but their love story is unpredictable. Throughout the book, we get to read snippets from Lily's journal she wrote when she was in high school. Through the journal entries we find out about her first love, named Atlas, and we also find out about her parents relationship - which plays a very important role in Lily's future relationships. When Lily suddenly finds herself in the same position as her mother was in all those years ago, she suddenly feels much more connected and understanding of her mother's decisions.

*SPOILER ALERT: if you have not yet read this book, proceed with caution*

This book uncovers the challenging and heart-wrenching topic of domestic abuse in a much needed way. In my opinion, this book gives those going through similar situations the feeling that they are not alone. But more importantly, this book allows those who have never experienced this type of relationship to better understand why it is so difficult for people to leave sometimes. I strongly believe the topic of domestic abuse is one that needs more understanding, and it's something that is hard to truly understand without going through it yourself. Many people simply think, "why don't they just leave?" but the truth is, it is never that simple. This storyline allows the reader to feel the same emotions as the characters at the same time the characters feel them. Love, anger, fear, disappointment, and confusion. The ending of this book (in my opinion) will leave you feeling inspired and with a better understanding of abusive relationships.


I would give this book 5/5 stars. I really loved it! The writing style was amazing in my opinion. It was a fast read and plot flowed very smoothly. The characters were also written into the story perfectly in my opinion. I've said this before but I love when I feel like the characters are real people! Even though this is a fiction novel, I feel that it accurately depicted an example of an abusive relationship and highlighted the importance of domestic abuse. I would recommend this book to anyone because I think this topic is important for everyone to understand, even if this book just scratches the surface of that understanding. If you are a fan of romance novels in general, I think you will really like this one.

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