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Book Review: "I'm Glad My Mom Died"

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What It's About!

Jennette McCurdy is a renowned child actor and a beloved personality and as of August 2022 a writer.

She is also known for many roles. Most notably as Sam Puckett on the six-season 2007 hit American sitcom, "I Carly" and its satirical spin-off "Sam and Cat"(2013-2014).

She dabbled in Country Music, lending her voice to an audience that needed it even landing number 44 on the Hot Country Songs Billboard—later going on to play the lead role of Wiley Day in Netflix's "Between" (2015-2016) which was canceled shortly after the second season.

Not much is heard from the star after her solo performance in 2020, and the book's debut serves as a perfect icebreaker to her silence.

In her Autobiography, we learn that the lights, the cameras, and all the attention come at a heavy toll. One that Jenette might spend her whole life wriggling out of.


It's A Journey Through Grief

Writers all have their gimmicks. For our former actress navigating her rough childhood - if there's any other kind - was what made her book a masterpiece.

Jennette's story is meant to be heard and not only for her fame and prominence. Because her story mirrors millions and tells us that it's okay to hate the person you're supposed to love the most.

Jennette McCurdy & Drew Barrymore on Complicated Relationships with Mothers | Barrymore's Backstage

— "I think we at least have to write as if they have died which is that old saying right''

A Hollywood Showbiz Insider

I really liked how much of a scoop it was. Jenette's boldness and her forthcoming nature are revealed as you breeze through the pages. She has a way of telling the truth as it is even if it stings a little.

Sparing no one. Not her friends, not her family, and not even the esteemed studio that ushered her into the spotlight.

Jenette alongside her career Co-stars

Jenette alongside her career Co-stars

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No More ''Fried Chicken''

Sam Puckett, Nickelodeon's most iconic Tom-boy tween, loved nothing more than her 'Tub O' Chicken'. Making it one of the show's most recurring gags and a favorite for her fanbase.

With the curtains closing on it in 2012, old fans and new alike were stoked for the iCarly's 2022 reboot.

A little glimmer of hope that we would see the likes of Miranda Cosgrove, Nathan Kress, and Jerry Trainor reprise their roles on the popular teen sitcom. Rumors hinted the chicken-loving side character, would make a cameo or two, and maybe even return as a regular.

"I'm Glad My Mom Died" cleared up such rumors and gives us her side of the story. And in the end, like me, you might end up siding with the girl behind the role and maybe even loving who she's become outside of Nickelodeon.

Written out of the reboot? Sam Puckett, is no longer a cast member.

Written out of the reboot? Sam Puckett, is no longer a cast member.

Honest Review

This is one of those titles that stay with you long after its end. Abuse is real. As the author slowly realizes this in a world where trauma is invalidated or downplayed she refuses to stand back and be quiet about it.

In her own way, Jenette shows us how to feel seen and heard through writing and teaches us the important lesson of staying true to our narrative and steering clear from romanticism.


Jenette McCurdy on The Drew Barrymore Show Interview

— “If saying the truth ends a relationship then it is probably a relationship that needed to end.”

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