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Book Review: Human Progress by Franchesca


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Book Title: Human Progress
Genre: Narrative Non-fiction
Author: Author

I sourced the idea of writing Human Progress, a narrative non-fiction, from the unease of expressing the coming-of-age side of literary reach in stanzas. "I feel like with odes, I am limited. I have to consider the continuum phase of literature. I need to level up the game," I whispered to myself.

I was prized to claim the inspiration behind this book by being forestalled with the concept of staying ourselves away from the goldbricks of time—to evolve and progress.

My most picked excerpts from the pages:

Chapter 1:

Artistry is the peak of accumulated knowledge or genetic heritage—strands of such that have been put together throughout the generations which gives birth to momentous luminaries. Thus, people who gain exceptional abilities are not ranged with flat applause. They are applauded in high spirits, with smiles and cheer.

10 Things to Admire about Artistry while Understanding Geniuses, Likas Na Yaman

Chapter 2:

It's therapeutic—therapeutic to a person with no illness in the first place, to a person who just simply wants to unriddle whatever that riddles her mind.

In addition, what makes this appealing to me is the fact that words can be turned into shapes; lines can be bended.

Chandelier of Stars

"Why do you keep on writing?" they asked.

"Because it lets me pause and breathe for a while, and allows me to speak my inner strength and therefore live. It reminds me about the importance of all things basic—that maybe, sometimes, that's what all we ever need."

Footsteps on the Seaside and In-Flight Route

Others write about brokenness; she writes about the opposite.

Scribbled lines in my head are being untangled by piecing each word together—aligning things into perspective, keeping my foundation not on sands but on a solid ground.

A Candle Matched with Fire

Chapter 3:

I don't know about your wrong drifts and turns—how grotesque your first attempts are or how imperfect your first draft is, but please know that we can still step a foot backward to ace a hundred milestones forward—one chapter at a time.

Hundred Milestones Forward

Chapter 4:

... selecting what to wear in a clutter of garments is like finding corners in circle and circumference in square!!!

Straight or Curl, Heels or Flats

It was a bit abstract to give a critic to something that was crafted from the grip of my own palm. How would I state my dislikes about this book if there were only likes to be stated—if every chapter was part of my salad days, of my early age?

Yes, it should be the readers to critique my written work, but maybe I just found it uncommon to write a review for one's own masterpiece—so might as well put some twist.

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