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Book Review: Horse of a Different Killer by Laura Morrigan


As the second installment of this series came to a close at a silent auction, telepath to the animals Grace Wilde and her sister Emma were surprised to find who had the winning bid for Grace's services.

The winner was Emma's abusive ex-husband Anthony Ortega.

Following the auction, Grace has been ignoring Anthony's calls, but while on a rescue mission, Grace's love interest Kai Duncan, meets up with her and tells her to play dumb when Detective Tammy Boyle approaches her. Grace is confused by his request but plays along, but when Boyle tells her that Emma has been taken in for questioning, she's shocked to learn that Emma is a suspect in Tony's murder.

While Grace thinks it's preposterous that Emma would commit murder, she was seen standing over his body by his betrothed, model Jasmine El-Amin.

After meeting with Jasmine, she tells Grace that Tony had bought a horse for her, the horse which appears in a new ad with her for a jewelry campaign. She hires Grace to find the horse, but Grace feels conflicted in accepting the job.

Jasmine pleads with her, and she eventually agrees to look into the disappearance of Heart.

Emma is released from jail and continues to go about her daily activities and tells Grace that she managed to set up an interview with a local reporter, regarding a story for Happy Asses (the rescue from the second installment) and during the interview, Emma is arrested for the murder.

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While charges are pending, Grace notices that she's being followed and other characters from the second installment re-appear, including Logan, who's a little sweet on Grace.

Logan tells her to stop looking into the disappearance of Heart because the circumstances surrounding his disappearance will get her killed, but she has to prove that Emma is innocent and based on what some of the animals have told her, Heart is also in danger.

Again, the pace is a little slow, but the story itself is good, which leads to an unexpected conclusion.

The problem again, is there are too many characters to keep up with and with bringing back former characters, the list of characters is too long (this even includes animals that Grace interacts with) and after being introduced or re-introduced in this case, you kind of get bogged down with who's who in the story.

As I said, the ending was unexpected, but also a little confusing.

Throughout the first three installments, we know that Tony was abusive but not too much of his past is really explained, nor his marriage to Emma. In that respect, I felt a little let down.

Overall, though, picking up the story a few days following the ending of the second book was good, but there weren't too many references to it and then dropping in clues from it a quarter of the way through wasn't a good idea.

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