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Book Review: Gluten for Punishment by Nancy J. Parra


It’s funny when an author writes multiple series. You might hate one and hope another is better.

So far, this series has started off good.

Per the standard crimozy formula, Toni Holmes returns to her hometown of Oiltop, Kansas where she opens up a gluten free bakery. And of course not everyone in town is happy about it.

Prior to opening, the place has been vandalized and at the opening ceremony, someone throws flour bombs at her and other city officials at the ribbon cutting.

The next morning Toni discovers the body of George Meister face down in a trough.

She isn’t going to let a dead man ruin her business and she wants to move on, but as a person of interest, her eccentric grandmother, Ruth, a former investigative reporter, suggests that they look into George’s murder.

The characters are top notch and the dialogue is fresh and fast.

There were two problems though.

It does start out a little slow but before long, you’re right into the story. The second problem is the type is smaller than usual, so be prepared for some eye strain.

My hope is that the momentum keeps up for the next two installments.

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