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Book Review: Engaged in Murder by Nancy J. Parra


You know how people nowadays try to outdo themselves when it comes to a life changing event by going viral? Well, it seems like this mystery wants to be in that category.

Pepper Pomeroy, an unemployed event planner, is tasked by Warren Evans to plan an engagement proposal for his girlfriend, Felicity (Pepper’s younger sister). After proposing on a private plane he plans on whisking her off to a secret romantic getaway.

While at the hangar, Pepper stumbles across the body of a man in the woman’s bathroom.

At first she thinks that he’s drunk and passed out and leaves him there, but after the happy couple fly off, she goes back into the restroom and reports it to the police.

She’s reprimanded by them since she didn’t report it earlier and allowed four potential suspects to flee the scene of the crime. Pepper herself becomes a suspect.

When Warren and Felicity return home to Chicago, the Pomeroy’s learn of Warren’s deep secret, yet Pepper thinks he still has more to hide. Yet at the same time she doesn’t know if she should trust him marrying her sister.

While flip flopping, she starts to poke around in his past and decides that she’s also going to start her own business planning proposals and engagement parties.

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So this is basically the whole hot mess of a story.

I can’t begin to list the many problems with this book, but I can say that I kept scratching my head and scrunching my face.

As an example, Pepper keeps telling people that she’s going to start her own business, yet she tells the same people that she’s already started her own business (and keeps giving them her business card to the same people!) and she keeps repeating the murder to everyone as well.

Just like Warren and Felicity, I almost found this book to be airborne, but instead, I suffered through it.

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