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Book Review: Eggs in a Casket by Laura Childs


It's been awhile since I last visited the Cackleberry Club, that cozy little cafe' in Kindred, where Suzanne, Toni and Petra are serving up their signature egg dishes.

On this particular Thursday morning, Suzanne and Toni had been busy delivering some baskets of flowers to Memorial Cemetery when they were nearly sideswiped by someone trying to get out of cemetery.

They both looked at each other and were surprised that it was Missy Langston who didn't bother to stop.

And for good reason.

The two pulled up to where they were supposed to drop off the flowers and discovered the body of former prison warden, Lester Drummond, face up in a freshly dug grave. Of course, the two can't believe that their friend Missy would have killed the very large man. But did she?

Everything points to Missy as being Lester's killer but Suzanne knows that she couldn't and wouldn't hurt a fly.

With Missy locked up, Suzanne posts bail for her and after dropping her off at her house and returning to the Cackleberry Club, Suzanne gets a visit from Deputy Roy Doogie, who's not particularly happy. Missy has left town.

Doogie tells Suzanne that she could become an accessory if Missy doesn't show up soon and he tells her that he'll charge her for harboring a fugitive.

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The Cackleberry Club is going to host a fundraiser and has been accepting donations from local artists and crafters. When local radio personality Paula Peterson hears of this, she invites her onto her radio show.

As Suzanne fields questions from the listening audience, the last call soon haunts her and she believes that the caller was Missy. She knows that she must still be within the area.

When Doogie is attacked, the police beef up their search for Missy and soon a major storm is heading toward Kindred.

Once the storm hits, Suzanne tries to call her boyfriend, Sam Hazlet at the hospital, but learns that he's been called to a three car accident. Suzanne knows the area where the accident occurred and as she starts to mull the accident over in her mind, she realizes it's a set up and Sam's life is in danger.

With trees blocking the entrances to the Cackleberry Club, can Suzanne rescue Sam in time?

It's funny though how after being away from this series for so long (I thought this was the last installment) I was able to bring up the setting and characters back in my mind.

The characters are enjoyable and Child's is a good writer, but she has an annoying habit of always using exclamation marks, where they really don't need to be. When used, it doesn't make the action any more exciting.

When the storm hits, she does a great job in describing the destruction and I can't remember any other crimozy having a disaster in it. It added a little something to the story.

As in the past, this installment includes some recipes at the end and maybe one day I'll try one, before I send off this book (along with others in this series) to one of my unsuspecting friends.

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