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Book Review: Egg Shooters by Laura Childs


Finally, I can breathe a sigh of relief and go on with my life.

But the Cackleberry journey isn't over yet.

In this installment, Suzanne is planning a surprise visit to the hospital where her fiance' Dr. Sam Hazelet is working on Sunday. She's planned a semi romantic "picnic" for the two of them but things don't go the way she hopes.

Just as she's heading into the emergency room, there's a commotion and before she know it, security guard Harold Spooner is shot in cold blood as a masked intruder rushes out with drugs. When Suzanne gains her bearings, she rushes out into the parking lot but the thief has disappeared without a trace.

The next morning the heist is the talk of the Cackleberry Club and they also learn that there've been some truck hijackings which have put the over the roaders on high alert. And to make matters worse, there's a rumor that survivalists have set up camp just outside Kindred.

For a small town, there's always a lot of excitement.

Once again, Suzanne starts to investigate the murder with the help of her best friend Toni. Suzanne doesn't want to help in the investigation, but something (or someone) always eggs her on. (Seriously, I didn't mean to use the pun due to the series' title).

While all of the drama is unfolding, the girls at the Club are busy as usual with tea parties and have also decided to hold a French night, with cuisine from the country. They hope that their experiment will turn into monthly theme nights which will bring in more customers and revenue.

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With a few prime suspects, I was able to figure out who was responsible for the hospital heist and this installment also brings back my favorite character, Carmen. In her absence, it's been Toni's estranged husband, Junior, who has provided the comedic relief and additional problems for the trio of owners at the Cackleberry Club.

As I've gone through the last eight installments, there always seems to be something missing. The characters are interesting, but the plots always seem to be the same.

Childs (like late author Sheila Connelly) have brought up interesting scenarios but they're really not explored a lot. I've always thought that the basic idea could have been explored more, but it goes so far and then kind of ends with the discovery of the murderer. In between, there really isn't a lot going on.

Just when everything starts to get going, you're pulled back into something safe.

After reading a ton of crimozies, I know that they're supposed to be "safe" for sensitive readers, but there should be an edge to them. In this case, the opportunity was missed with both the heist and the hijackings.

I've also resolved to try the banana/blueberry bread (only with nuts) since this seems to be the best to come from the book's recipe's.


Eric Tuchelske (author) from Detroit on May 03, 2021:

Most of the crimozies do have recipe's (depending on the book) but it's the publisher's fault since I still have series that I haven't started and it goes back to at least 2005!

Louise Powles from Norfolk, England on April 30, 2021:

I like the idea that there's recipe's included in this book. I really like the style of books you read. They're definitely my cup of tea!

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