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Retro Reading: Delicious and Suspicious by Riley Adams

Delicious and Suspicious

Delicious and Suspicious

Down Home Style Murder

Now that the warmer weather is here for the next few months, it's time to break out the grill and do some old fashion barbequing. Unless of course you're Lulu Taylor and the proud owner of Aunt Pat's Bar-B-Que.

In the first installment of Riley Adams' Memphis BBQ Mysteries, Delicious and Suspicious, the legendary restaurant (famous of course for its barbeque) has a shot at fame on the Cooking Channel along with Lulu. That is until the location scout, Rebecca Adrian winds up dead in her hotel room after a visit to the eatery.

Lulu needs to clear the family name since her daughter- in- law Sara and Sara's nephew Derrick are prime suspects. At the same time, Lulu can't figure out why her other son, Sebastian (Seb) isn't showing an interest in the restaurant after returning home from being away in New York. Lulu fears he may be doing drugs but that's just the beginning of the dark side to him.

Through her investigating, she discovers that Seb and Rebecca were once a couple while he was in New York and that he was indeed mixed up in drugs at one time. She even learns that he had done time in prison and Rebecca (not knowing that he was in Memphis, or related to Lulu) was starting to blackmail him.

With the help of her friends dubbed The Graces (since they are docents at Graceland) Lulu sets her sights on who killed Rebecca and it could very well be a family affair.

I have to say that this first installment is entertaining, but at the same time, I did find myself drifting away from the story. One reason is Adams repeats too much of the story. For instance, if Lulu is in a situation, she seems to repeat the entire conversation to almost every character in the story almost word for word. By doing this, I thought the pace of the story began to slow down to where it did become boring.

On the plus side, I could almost feel being at the restaurant, where most of the story takes place. Afterall, it is a family business and the family would be there working. The description of the food alone made me gain at least twenty pounds!

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If you're looking for some down home recipes, Adams does include seven pages of what appear to be mouthwatering creations. Since I have a hard time boiling water, I'll let you prepare the food!

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