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Book Review: Death Under Glass by Jennifer McAndrews


Even though this installment lost a little bit of steam, Georgia Kelly finds herself in yet another murder investigation.

As the temperature and humidity rise in Wenwood, New York, nothing can be hotter than the fire which brought down Russ Stanford's law practice and building and the first person on the suspect list is his ex-wife Carrie.

But before Carrie and Georgia learn of the fire, Carrie has set up a meeting with Trudy Villiers who's going to set up a B&B and has agreed to help her with the decorating. She brings in Georgia to design a stained glass window that would look great above the front door.

Georgia isn't sure if she'll be able to pull off the design since she feels that Trudy doesn't like her and can't figure out why.

It's during breakfast that they learn of the fire to the building and they meet Russ' assistant, Melanie who has a box that she's been instructed to give to Carrie. She tells her that Russ doesn't want it and Carrie might be interested in it, but Russ is nowhere to be found.

The girls learn that he's on a fishing trip and Carrie has no way of contacting him to let him know about the fire.

For most of the story, Georgia is busy with the Villiers design and trying to figure out how Carrie's involved with the fire, but her antiques shop is broken into and vandalized. The frosting on the cake though comes later when Russ' partner, Herb Gallo is found dead in his home.

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It's really hard to say where the story wants to go, but it's still a fast read since the characters are well written and there's a touch of humor along the way.

Probably the best thing about the story is Georgia doesn't have a love interest and she's not pining over anyone. She does come to realize that she could be developing feelings for Detective Chip Nolan and construction foreman Tony Himmel. It's a good balance since the romantic pursuit isn't in place.

For the most part, McAndrews is good with letting us know how stained glass designs are created and that was a treat in learning how a concept goes from design to execution.

On the downside though, with Georgia having a cat named Friday, it's hard to keep up with the timeline and you might pull your hair out over that alone.

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