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Book Review: Dark Verses by Apeksha Girwal

Normally I don’t write book reviews, but I’d be lying if I said that it never crossed my mind to do something like this. Besides, this particular post isn’t actually a book review per se, but more of an appreciation towards the author who worked tirelessly hard to get her debut book released. And I for one, was over the moon when it happened, because this author deserves every bit of praise for her amazing work!

Moreover, through this post, I just wanted to take you (the readers) through some of the amazing verses written by the author Apeksha Girwal in her poetry book Dark Verses. And I am sure, once you’ll get hooked onto some of these verses, you would definitely want more. So, I hope you will read till the end because I will be sharing the link to the book so that you can grab your copy.


Dark Verses by Apeksha Girwal

The Dark Verses poetry book written and compiled by Apeksha Girwal is truly remarkable and one of a kind. It is unique in so many ways and covers various topics such as:

#1. Mental abuse: It empathizes with the readers and their similar traumas (if any) and at the same encourages them to know more about psychology so that they may better comprehend manipulative and toxic people, and their tactics, and also avoid getting overpowered by their manipulation.

#2. Death is inevitable: We all know that death is inevitable, but the author wants to delve deeper into the subject and ponders what if death comes unexpectedly and without any sort of warning or anything?

#3. God is always in control: If you are a firm believer in God, then you know that God is always in control and that your pain isn’t concealed from him. Moreover, you are in pain for a reason. Perhaps unknown to you.

#4. Other topics: Lastly, there are verses in the book that cover topics such as two sides of kindness, what it is like to be and feel homesick, as well as other miscellaneous topics.

Moreover, the author describes that being abandoned for no rhyme or reason is quite similar to being stabbed with a sword. And in such a condition, peace seems to be a long-distance lover who can just remorse from afar and do absolutely nothing about it.

A Few ‘Verses’ From Dark Verses

As promised, I’m going to share some verses from the poetry book that I personally think should be shared with you.

First one is this:

“Obsession, a friend or foe?

Are humans less harmful,

than monsters of yore?

Death is an obsessed stalker

of a woman divine,

Narcissism is a disaster, it’s

victim is in plight.

God intervenes, look at his

blinding light

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Success stories too, have

something to hide.”

Next up is this:

“The bliss made her believe

Hell was past’s bad dream

Little did she know

Here innocence was again to be ravaged

The blissful trap, was an invitation

To the hell savage.”

And lastly, this one:

“When I take my stand against those I love

My hands tremble

And my heart pounds

A part of it crumbles

And a part of it is proud.”

Okay, sorry I lied. This one is the absolute last:

“Your memories still haunt

Like that of an obsessed phantom

At times in conscious realm

And at times in dreams solemn

Persuading every ounce of my mind

To forget everything and reconcile

Lapsing my memory of your wrongdoings;

And flashing it back to the pleasant memories of no stewings

Avalanches of such thoughts, I eschew

And you should too.

It’s a battle between self-esteem and heart fragile

Let the latter fail, as it’s emotional and unwise.”

Grab Your Dark Verses Book Today

Did you like some of the verses I shared above, and want to read more of such verses? Well, in that case, you’ll need to grab a copy of the Dark Verses poetry book. I have already purchased mine. It’s time for you to get yours. Links are given below.

For people residing in India: Dark Verses by Apeksha Girwal

For people outside India: Dark Verses by Apeksha Girwal

So make sure you get your Dark Verses copy right away, and do not forget to leave your thoughts in the reviews section on the above links. Cuz like I said, the author has worked really hard in compiling this poetry book and deserves appreciation for it. Thank you!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2022 Ronald Daniel Sampson

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