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Book Review: Crushed Velvet by Diane Vallere


When we left Polyester Monroe, she had decided to leave Los Angeles, break up with her boyfriend Carson and re-open the family fabric store in San Ladron.

As this installment opens, Poly's store Material Girl is days away from opening and her friend Genevieve's husband is found dead in the back of a delivery van after he went to pick up some bolts of fabric and supplies on an overnight trip.

Genevieve is suspected of the murder since the two of them had been seen arguing before he left and its brought up that her husband was having an affair. For some reason, he doesn't seem like a sleazy character when he's mentioned in the first installment, but, he has to be "evil" in order to be the victim here.

With the help of Charlie (from Charlie's Automotive) they manage to hide Genevieve at Charlie's until she disappears from sight. Poly tries to figure out how to keep the authorities at bay, while Charlie uses her seductiveness to get information from the sheriff.

Since Material Girl is set to open in a few days, Poly spends most of the time redecorating Genevieve's tea shop into something that she would like. A French bistro type of shop.

As Poly spends most of her time at the tea shop, she's curious about the appearance of Kim Matheson, a college student that claims she was hired by Genevieve, but Genevieve doesn't mention her at all. Poly finds it ironic that she appears the day of Phil's murder.

For most of the story, my mind was elsewhere since I couldn't figure out why Poly would spend all of her time with renovations elsewhere, while she's getting ready for her stores opening. It reminded me of the first installment when she kept debating whether or not to open the store, or sell it.

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Everything else about the book is okay, but I just thought this was a bore and with two out of three installments read, I have a feeling that the last installment might make up for what could have been a good series.

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