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Book Review: Cat With a Clue by Laurie Cass


Eddie the cat may have had a clue, but I didn't.

The lazy days of summer are beginning and librarian Minnie Hamilton plans to enjoy every single minute of the season as she, her assistant Julia and Eddie the cat, travel the lower, northwestern part of Michigan bringing the library to residents of Tonedagana County.

As the interim director of the Chilson District Library, Minnie's not unaccustomed to putting in long hours at work, but as she prepares to open for the day, she comes across the body of Andrea Vennard in the stacks.

The cause of death is strangulation, but, she's also found with an X-Acto knife in her back.

While she starts to learn more about Andrea (a former resident who left to live and work downstate following her high school graduation) she finds out that Andrea's the great niece of Talia DeKeyser, a lifelong resident who recently died of natural causes.

Later that night, the library is broken into, and the culprit disrupted the Friends of the Library's sales room, but nothing was taken, and the bookmobile is also broken into. Then Pam Fazio's shop is broken into, but again, nothing was taken, but Minnie notices that the book section of the shop had, had a good going through. This is followed by a fire at the Petoskey library.

As Minnie starts to put pieces of the crimes together, she comes to the conclusion that someone is looking for a very rare and expensive book, that was given to Talia years earlier.

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While Minnie does her own rogue investigating, she's hounded by her co-workers to apply for the director's position at the library and she's also getting to know her new boyfriend, Ash Wolverson.

The story had a good premise when it came to the unexplained break-ins which could have added a little bit of suspense into the story, but, really, nothing happens in this series.

Again, we're given very long chapters and too many characters. Some of the very minor characters have a backstory that's longer than their appearance. Will any of these characters surface again? I doubt it, but if they do, we're reintroduced to them.

By now, the editor should have been fired since the same grammatical errors pop up and it's also hard to tell when one day ends and another begins, since flashbacks occur out of the blue.

But, as I'm too far invested in this series and I know eventually it will end, I'll power on and hopefully call it a night once I'm completed with it.

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