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Insights from the Book "Heaven and Earth" by Riojas Arturo

Nyamweya is a columnist with a Kenyan print media.He is also a freelance writer with various online and offline media platforms

Indeed, the book by Riojas Arturo is more thrilling and interesting. To be honest, I never knew that there existed a substance called cadmium and the insights by Riojas have contributed to my understanding of the same alongside its health and environmental impact. Although this is pure fiction, the relation of earthly and heavenly agents in terms of conspiracy to defraud human life through cadmium poisoning does not only make an interesting read but also reinforces the seriousness of the matter. I never like reading science literature particularly because of the scientific language and terms used, but the way this book is written would make any reader whether science oriented or not want to read it towards its end.

At first, I thought that the writer was simply talking about real heavenly beings and their liaison with their earthly counterparts. Actually, this was what compelled me to want to know more about it. However, as I went through it, I learnt that the author was simply talking about cadmium poisoning and the health ramifications it was causing to human populace. He goes on to reiterate that the cadmium poisoning has been caused by heavy metal contaminations from the aircraft and spacecraft industries.

Interestingly, the government and agencies responsible for human protection have decided to ignore this phenomenon not because they are not aware but because they want to protect their self interest. This is despite the fact that the mandate of the government including various agencies such as CDC, NASA, DHS, and Airforce, and other agencies are mandated to disclose any health risks or problems to citizens and find measures to help them avoid these. Riojars says that this is wrong and amounts to auctioneering the human race who are made vulnerable to environmental and health implications due this cadmium poisoning.

Since the respective agencies have opted to conceal the truth and refused to deliver information as it pertains to Cadmium poisoning, the author considers them as “aliens” “who are leaving in a world of their own”. Otherwise, they could not be “protecting the truth” about this serious health implication and environmental scam at the expense of not only the survival of the earth but also the entire life! Accordingly, Riojars reinforces the danger of cadmium by presents facts about it, such as how the substances reacts in the body and health implications caused, how it is triggered or formed, factors that have facilitated its increase and the specific regions of the earth which have been adversely affected by Cadmium. He also draws a range of evidence including studies, journals, articles, books, websites and documents to validate the analysis. In light of this, it defeats logic on why the US government and its agencies that are supposed to protect life are protecting information regarding cadmium.

The book by Arturo has unearthed the secrets that have been perpetuated by the United States government concerning environmental degradation. Perhaps, this information is withheld by powerful cartels in the government who either have interests in the sectors that are contributing to this factor or as we are told by the writer, protecting it from negative publicity. Nonetheless, this is a recipe for chaos if it remains unchecked.

I will give the book a rating of 3 out of 4 since it is well written with impeccable command of English. However, the use of too much imagery somehow distorts the intended theme.

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