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Book Review: Booking the Crook by Laurie Cass


For all of the lukewarm reviews that I've done for this series, nothing has changed when it comes to this installment. I've been reading the same thing, over and over and at this point of the series I haven't seen any growth.

Laurie Cass is a good writer, but even I, as an unpublished novelist, could have edited the book down a few pages. For instance, the murderer is revealed on page 295 (about the time a crimozy is winding down) but the book doesn't end until page 342. For the next forty-seven pages, heroine Minnie Hamilton tries to figure out how to save herself, her cat Eddie and the Chilson District Library Bookmobile. At this point, a lot could have been edited.

But before we get to this point, Minnie and her part time clerk Julia, discover the body of Rowan Collier at the end of her driveway, buried in snow. Thus begins her search for the killer.

Unfortunately, there's a long list since Rowan was a loan officer at the bank and Minnie starts to focus on those that were recently turned down for loans. Some of the suspects appear for two to three pages with, really nothing to add to the story, but during her interviews with other characters, that's how we learn more about the suspect. It just doesn't flow.

Two different plots also have Minnie helping to plan the weddings of her Aunt Frances and best friend Kristen. One takes it seriously and the other is quite carefree about the whole tradition, so really, there isn't too much that happens with this side plot.

While I had hoped by now that the series would get exciting but it hasn't.

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