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Retro Reading: All Sales Fatal by Laura DiSilverio

All Sales Fatal

All Sales Fatal

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The Fernglen Galleria should have been shut down after the first installment of the Mall Cop Mysteries as I found myself many times setting down the book and then going back to it. It would have been like gawking at an accident.

With All Sales Fatal Laura DiSilverio's second entry into this series there should have been more thought into the installment.

The concept of the series is original but there's something lacking. Something that should have kept me turning the page in anticipation, rather than how many pages were left in the chapter. It's very rare that I want to put down a book as soon as I start, but I just couldn't concentrate on this book.

As the story goes, Emma-Joy (EJ) Ferris, is a former military officer who was discharged following an injury while on active duty. She gets a job as a mall cop and hopes to become a full time police officer somewhere.

Here's where the story starts to get confusing. EJ finds a dead gangbanger in the parking garage and then her boss disappears (only to be found dead a couple of days after his disappearance). Her boss left behind three ex-wives and a mistress along with many questions as to why he'd disappear.

With most of the story focusing on the bosses death and disappearance, you forget about the dead gangbanger. Why? My theory is DiSilverio somehow many have panicked at some point in writing since she had previously committed a triple homicide in the debut of the series. Now with two murders I think she kept the focus on the relationship between EJ and her co-workers and how they were dealing with the death of their boss and how they were going to continue running the security department at the galleria.

As I've read other series in the past, sometimes they've had a bad start and then after finding their "voice" they do a complete turn around and become one of my favorite series. It would have been better to have any multiple homicides later in the series (depending on how many are planned as a way to keep things fresh) rather than this early. With three installments in this series, I can only hope that the next installment shows signs of improvement.

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I can honestly say that this installment did not hold my attention and EJ's voice can be found soon. The series does have potential but I think there should be so many characters appearing in each installment.

Without focus, the reader will be confused and climbing the walls.

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