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Book Review: A Witch to Remember by Heather Blake


When a series comes to an end, you're always filled with some emotion- whether good or bad, but in the case of the Wishcraft Mysteries it's a blessing in a way since it ends on a high note.

At no time are you "bored" while spending time with the folks of the Enchanted Village (just outside Salem, Massachusetts) and between the mortals and the witches it was a very fun ride.

However, I couldn't tell too much from about the sixth or seventh installment since the plot switches somewhere in one of these two installments and comes to a (predictable) close in this installment. No matter how you look at it, the ending is satisfying.

With two weeks before her wedding to Nick Sawyer, Darcy Merriweather has a lot on her plate and while she wants a low-key ceremony, the major issue is the upcoming Renewal for the Elder. There's a good chance that the wrong person could become the Elder and if that happens, well, there's going to be a lot of changes within the village.

But on this particular Saturday, Darcy's on her way to a tea being held in her honor at Divinitea, with a few friends. This is her low-key bachelorette party and while she's walking up to the new tea room, patrons come running out in a panic as the place goes up in flames.

Found inside is the body of co-owner Leyna Noble, a psychic who was a part of the Firelight Psychic Festival, which is currently in town.

Suspicion falls on Dorothy Hansel Dewitt, one of the local witches who isn't liked within the village. In the past, she has been suspected of setting fires throughout the village and since she's not happy with the upcoming Renewal, she's out looking for revenge.

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The witches in the village have been afraid of her for years and they've noticed that she's been acting stranger than usual lately. Plus, Darcy discovers that she's been dabbling in the black arts which has been making her even more dangerous.

At first, Darcy thinks that her son, Vince Paxton, has been helping her, but he tells her that he hasn't been helping her and when she's committed to a psychiatric hospital for observation the village breathes a sigh of relief since she won't be able to cause any problems at the Renewal. Or can she?

Since there was a long span in time since I read the earlier installments, this installment ties in with a previous installment when the murderer is discovered. As a Wishcrafter, I had hoped that Darcy could help me remember, but alas, she couldn't!

Although everything is wrapped up at the end, there is a hint that maybe there could be another installment, but after checking Blake's website, this is indeed the final book.

Over the last few installments, I had hoped that when the stories were in the final pages, a few of the familiars reveal themselves and they talk amongst themselves as to what they hope. This would have set up the next installments but didn't. One familiar in particular was set up to reveal themself, but never does.

Blake created some great characters in this series and also created recurring gay and lesbian characters as both major and minor (depending on the story) but all of the characters are accepting of one another.

If you are are fan of the crimozies, you'll really enjoy this series since it doesn't take place in a bakery.

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