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Book Review: A Tiger’s Tale by Laura Morrigan


After getting through the second novel in this series, I'm still on the fence as to whether or not I'm enjoying it. There really wasn't anything spectacular to it, but for the most part, I did find myself confused a lot.

On the night of a big gala event, Grace Wilde finds herself (rarely) dressed up in a storm outside Happy Asses Donkey and Big Cat Rescue. Owner Ozeal Mallory has given her an emergency call, since tiger Boris has zoo vet Dr. Hugh Murray up a tree.

Ozeal originally called him in to diagnose what's troubling the cat, but Grace soon learns the Boris is missing Brooke Ligner, a troubled teen volunteer who vanished two days earlier.

Grace asks Ozeal a few questions regarding Brooke and she tells her that Brooke has been known to runaway, but Boris tells her that she was taken. Since Brooke has ran away in the past, a report hadn't been filed and she calls potential boyfriend Kai Duncan to come to the rescue.

While she didn't tell him over the phone why she needed him, she makes up a story to Ozeal about a few girls who have gone missing that Kai picks up on. They tell her that the "disappearances" haven't been released to the public and after Ozeal buys the story, Grace tells Kai that it was Boris who tipped her off about being taken.

When Grace goes to question Brooke's parents, they reiterate what Ozeal said about her being a runaway and they go about their business. Brooke's stepfather, Bob, tells her that she'll eventually come home since she's probably with her boyfriend Stephan.

The Linger's have no clue as to where they might be, but Grace's sister says that they may be at the mall, so Grace calls her friend Sonja and the two meet at the mall. And while Grace isn't a shopper, she decides that she does need some new clothes.

As Grace tries on some clothes, she tells Sonja who Stephan resembles, and they spot him in the store. A half-naked Grace rushes after him and he gets away.

Kai gets in trouble with his superiors once they find out that he's been helping Grace, but only after she finds out that Brooke is the daughter of a mob boss and they're also looking for her since she of course has something that they want. Grace can't be sure what they want since she found the girls purse, but there was nothing in it.

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She remembered that on the day Brooke disappeared, Ozeal had sent her to get some supplies and the owner of the feed and seed store remembered her and that there was a man who followed her out of the store. The owner won't reveal his customers, but he said that the man paid cash and was probably a customer of another store that had recently closed.

After finding out the other owner's name, she goes to his house and he can't help her, but she asks about the guy she saw painting who had a lot of cats. He tells her that he had suffered a head injury and was taking care of the cats on his own.

Grace calls her friend Sonja, who works at the local ASCPA and they round up the cats, much to the dismay of Josiah. Sonja is able to calm him down and he lets them take the cats. He asks if his sister can pick out a kitten after the pregnant one has her litter, and she tells him that she can.

While sleeping, Grace gets a phone call in the middle of the night from one of the other troubled volunteers, Caitlyn, and tells her that she knows where Stephan is and to meet her at a party, but she has to come in costume.

Stephan doesn't know where Brooke is, and he tells Grace that he last talked to her a day or two before she disappeared. Later, Grace finds out that Stephan is also being followed when his car is trashed.

Following the trashing of Stephan's car, Grace has to find anyway necessary to keep Stephan safe while she continues to look for Brooke without police involvement.

I had hoped that with the disappearance of a character in the beginning would add to the story, which it does, but for most of the book, everything just drags.

The characters are good, and you really like them, but there are way too many, even when you include the names of the animals. And since Grace is able to speak to the animals, they only utter one word.

If Grace wasn't an animal psychic, I think this would make a good mystery series since all of the elements are there.

However, the one problem that I have with the book is that the type is kind of small, which makes reading a little difficult, but the conclusion here also sets up the next book, following a silent auction.

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