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Book Review: A Late Frost by Sheila Connolly


With eleven installments completed, the one good thing is Sheila Connolly tried to get the series back on track. It was an eighty percent improvement.

After being home from their honeymoon for a couple of weeks, Meg and Seth Chapin meet new neighbor, Monica Whitman.

Monica has come up with an idea to hold a WinterFare and the community of Granford is behind her efforts since it is the dead of winter and it gives everyone something to look forward to.

Later that night she ends up in the hospital thinking that she had a case of food poisoning. A couple of other people did get sick, but Monica dies in the middle of the night.

Meg accompanies police chief Art Preston to Monica’s house where they meet her husband, Douglas. They are baffled by the living conditions and he doesn’t seem to understand what’s going on. Based on their visit, they deduce that he has Alzheimer’s.

While trying to figure out the cause of Monica’s death, Meg discovers that she had been given an experimental drug from Ginny Morris, an organic apple grower.

Meg’s new orchard manager, Larry Bennett has heard of the drug and she wonders why everyone in town has heard of it but her.

As the pieces of the puzzle begin to fall into place, could it have been a suicide or murder?

After a disappointing tenth installment, this story does keep you guessing because it can go either way with the evidence being reported.

The new characters are interesting and I was so glad that one of characters was shipped off to Australia and it does end on semi sad note.

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