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Book Review: A Function of Murder by Ada Madison


The terror of math continues!

As the third installment begins, everyone at Henley College is excited as the students are graduating and are getting ready to embark on their careers or further their education. Excitement is definitely in the air.

Once the pomp and circumstance is over, Dr. Sophie Knowles and her boyfriend, Bruce are taking a late leisurely stroll through the campus when Mayor Ed Graves stumbles toward them calling to her. Bruce jumps into action and can't save him, but Sophie doesn't know why the mayor called after her.

She even tells everyone that she barely knew him and is disheartened when she learns that the mayor was killed by a letter opened that was given as a gift to the graduates. Narrowing down the suspects isn't going to be easy this time around since the letter openers can be found almost anywhere on campus.

While Sophie didn't really know the mayor, she thinks back to the ceremony and the smile he gave her and later at home while checking her messages, she learns that the mayor had called her. Again this stumps her.

As with any politician, there's a divide and Sophie has to figure out who hated the mayor and why they would kill him, yet on the other hand, Sophie learns that one of her graduates (who works for him) harbors a secret crush on him and through unanswered emails hopes that she wasn't the one who stabbed him.

But, Sophie has problems of her own, when a student is dissatisfied with a grade and takes it to social media where the student has growing support to get rid of Sophie. Sophie has the feeling that the student is unstable when a brick is found through her bedroom window, and the student confronts Sophie when a note is slipped under her door, baring Sophie's initials.

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Although it took me a lot longer to read this installment, it's still a good series, but when the story turns to math and the joy of it, my mind shuts off and begins to wander.

The characters are well developed and while I haven't been near an educational building in years, it's fun to get to know a little bit about the instructors "personal" lives, but I do know teachers!

There's a lot going on in this installment and a great list of suspects. I was really happy that I was able to sort of figure out who the murderer was this time, but I was only half correct.

If you're not afraid of math (and the occasional simple brainteasers scattered throughout) then you're sure to enjoy this series.

And yes, I even panicked while trying to figure out the brainteasers.

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