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Book Recommendation: The Adrift Series

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More of Us to the West


Feathers Floating Through Ember


Remnants on the Tides of Time


A Reflection of the Sky on the Sea (Title pending)


More of Us to the West

More of Us to the West by Trinity Dunn

More of Us to the West by Trinity Dunn

Book 1

Book 1 is told from the main character's (Alaina) point of view. You get chapters told from now, as she experiences a plane crash, the loss of her husband, and being stuck on an island and falling in love with someone new, and then a chapter from the past as she reveals the ups and downs of her marriage, including the loss of their child and her depression that followed. Alaina has to grapple with all that she's lost and all that she could have now with Jack.

This book is heavy on the romance and only speculative on the time travel. It's essentially a survival story, not just surviving the island but also surviving after loss and grief. But it's also a love story. Truly, it's so many things in one and all around an amazing book This is my new favorite, hands down, and very much worth the read.

It does end with some cliffhangers, but the questions are answered pretty quickly in book 2, and is entirely worth it. Don't miss out because of that!

Feathers Throating Through Ember

Feathers Floating Through Ember by Trinity Dunn

Feathers Floating Through Ember by Trinity Dunn

Book 2

Book 2 is told from 3 different people's points of view. In the first half, you get several chapters of Chris (Alaina's husband) and then a chapter of Jack. In the second half, we're back to Alaina, but also get a chapter thrown in here and there of Chris. How does Chris survive the plane crash, and what will he do to get back to Alaina? Is Jack still alive? Will their baby survive? These are the questions that get answered from the end of book 1.

This is also really where the time travel comes into play, and we find out they're in 1774. They're dealing with British soldiers and native tribes on other islands, including one that's cannibalistic. Lots of action both on land and at sea takes place.

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Now that Chris is back, what will become of Alaina and Jack? Will she choose to reunite with her husband that she was already growing distant from? With the pregnancy in mind, Alaina has to make a decision, all the while wondering how they'll get back to their time, and in time for her baby to be born.

This book is heavy on the time travel and a little milder on the romance than the last. But, as per usual with this series, there's a little of everything to enjoy. The love and friendship pairs with grief and heartache, while also combining time travel, adventure, action, and suspense. This series brings out so many emotions.

Remnants on the Tides of Time

Remnants on the Tides of Time by Trinity Dunn

Remnants on the Tides of Time by Trinity Dunn

Book 3

Juan Josef has Alaina's island family and friends and is forcing her to help him get back to his time. Book 3 released on May 30, 2022 to continue this amazing story. We start with lots of turmoil and trouble, experience an unexpected pregnancy, an unexpected death, a couple of weddings, and lots of love, friendship, action, adventure, sadness, confusion, and everything else in between. Does anyone make it back to the future? Will Alaina ever see her family again? You'll find out in this third installment! But... there's still lots of story left to tell. Trinity said a 4th book is coming, and there will most likely be at least one more after because she has lots of ideas to keep this crazy story going. I can't wait!

A Reflection of the Sky on the Sea (title pending)

Book 4 in The Adrift Series is set to arrive in the winter.

Book 4 in The Adrift Series is set to arrive in the winter.

Book 4

Trinity announced on Facebook that she would be penning a 4th book as well. She expects it sometime in the winter, either late 2022 or early 2023. It seems this most likely will not be the final book, as she has more story to tell.

I'm glad to be on this amazing ride, because it's an excellent, visually creative story that is worth immersing yourself into.

Check them out on Audible, too!

If you prefer to listen to books rather than read them (or because it's more convenient) you can listen to More of Us to the West, Feathers Floating Through Ember, and Remnants on the Tides of Time on Audible. Trinity tries to have them added within a couple months after the book gets released, so number 3 just became available in mid-July.

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