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Book I Have Known - The Extraterrestrial Species Almanac

Unidentified Flying Objects Are Real

With the latest official study, the government is finally ready, if reluctant, to admit there have been flying objects in the skies over the United States that cannot be identified. Of course, whether these phenomenon are Russian, Chinese or Martian, the government hesitates to speculate.

At least one pilot, Captain Kevin D. Randle, USAF. Ret., who served during the last government UFO whitewash, Project Blue Book in 1976, believes the government is hiding the truth and spent 25 years researching The UFO Casebook (1989). A believer Randle examined a number of well known cases, from Roswell in 1947 to the alleged crash of another saucer in Montana in 1988.

A World Wide Phenomenon

Since ancient times, the interest in UFO's and extraterrestrials seems to have been a world-wide phenomenon and is documented by well-known UFOlogist Yves Naud in a four-volume set, UFO's and Extra-Terrestrials in History (1978). With many interesting photos, Naud examined the phenomenon throughout history, from the Mysterious Origins of the World, to the modern Black Out of UFO's.

What Are They Doing?

Personally, I firmly believe there are advanced civilizations revolving around other stars in the systems of other constellations. The real question, is whether or not they have actually conquered the great distances to get here, and if they have, what are they doing?

Whoever they are, one thing they seem to be doing is scaring a lot of people. They kidnapped Betty and Barney Hill (The Interrupted Journey, John G. Fuller, 1966), frightened the citizens of Exeter, New Hampshire (Incident at Exeter, John G. Fuller, 1966) and, over a series of encounters: Communion (1987), Transformation (1988) and Confirmation (1998): left poor Whitley Strieber a bit strident and somewhat deranged.

The Extraterrestrial Species Almanac

As it turns out, there are 1,019,000 civilizations in the galaxy - information relayed to the Quechua people of the Peruvian Andes by the Alpha Centaurian Apunians when they came into contact in the 1950's.

Of the score of works I have read on the subject, The Extraterrestrial Species Almanac by Craig Campobasso (2021), is the only attempt to answer the question of who might be behind the biological supercomputer stellar drives of these UFO's.

It is also one of the few works of non-fiction that is without a bibliography. I have written on a related subject myself, so know the kind of research it takes. However, save for a few individual website blogs mentioned at the back of the book in Further Reading, Campobasso does not reveal the sources of his rather detailed profiles on a subject famously devoid of even the most basic information.

Perhaps some information was shared by the lizard-looking Rigelians, from the star Rigel in the Orion constellation. "Believed to resonate with the Cosmic Law of One," the Rigelians are known to "select earth people to explain their technology" and share "insights about their own unique race."

A Universal Universe

Billed as the "bible of cosmic life," Campobasso offers the profiles of 82 extraterrestrial beings who are alleged to have interacted with life on earth.

Each short profile is divided into seven categories that include: the species origin, belief system, agenda, technology, consciousness abilities and dimensional capacity.

There is also a physical description, highly detailed artist renderings, and even a few photos, including one of the Created Being Valient Thor before his 1957 meeting with President Eisenhower.

Over 25 different species of beings are highlighted: Light Beings, Sirians, Greys, Moramiams, Zeta Reticulons, amphibious Iargans, Lion-Feline beings, Insectoids, Draconians, Reptoids, Dinoids, Saureans, a Cyclops ...

They hail from at least 25 different star systems and constellations.

The Orion system, with six species of origin, is the most active, followed by Draco(5), then Bootes (4) and Reticulum (4).

However, despite what appears to be rampant diversity, there seems to be a certain sameness to the universe.

An oddity of universal favoritism appears to be the tendency for a certain body type. Except for Light Beings, every species is built on the basis of an elongated truck standing upright on two legs with two arms, topped by a head with two eyes - even the 20-foot tall Dragon Dracs from Alpha Draconis, with their double wing span and antlers atop a crocodile head. Apparently, only the Cyclops from planet 555 has more or less than two eyes.

The Galacterian Alignment of Space People and Planets

Politically, the universe would seem already organized, much of it under the auspicious of the Galacterian Alignment of Space People and Planets, "a universal alliance of fully conscious beings that have united their planets to benefit all universal kind."

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A majority follow the Cosmic Law of One, "designed to align lives to the universal frequency of harmony" in preparation for the day "when disclosure arrives, when global government and religious factions tell the truth."

Perhaps this is the secret the government has been hiding from us.

It would appear, on at least three occasions since the 1950's, US and other world leaders have been offered the opportunity to "share a better way of life for all humans" but, rejected the offer each time.

At face value, these stories of alien beings offering Earth governments "a means to eliminate disease, poverty and nuclear weapons" are the result of opium induced fantasies. If not, then we and our leaders are perhaps the most ignorant, arrogant creatures in the universe firmly in the grip of the malevolent service to self, the philosophy advanced by the Draconians who "rule earth from behind the cosmic curtain." Cold-blooded and reptilian, the Draconians are "staunch believers that they were residents of the universe first and that it belongs to them." Without conscience, they take what they want by any means necessary.

That would certainly explain a few things, would it not?

Homegrown Aliens

Not all extraterrestrials are ... alien.

Perhaps Zecharia Sitchin (There Were Giants Upon the Earth, 2010) was right after all. The 15-foot tall Agarthans have always lived inside the Earth's hollow interior.

More than 1.5-million Telosians live underneath Mount Shasta and under the Aegean Sea. Together, beneath our feet, the Agarthans and Telosians battle the Dinosaurians,whose DNA originated on Earth, and the Repterrians who are natural Earthlings. The fighting centers around the Repterrians efforts to "intimidate missionary star seeds and stop the progression of their spiritual elevation" of earth.

Sharing DNA

Quite a number of species appear interested in, or even share, human/earthling DNA-genetics.

Theorists suggest Pharaoh Akheraten of Egypt's 18th dynasty was a hybrid Titan Sirian, "of the One Consciousness, of the universal community, representing the unity of all species and all life, and where polarities finally and ultimately meet within a single circle of Source."

The Reticulans, from Zeta Reticuli, who kidnapped the Hill's, have for unknown purpose, collected DNA from every past Earth civilization.

Somehow, the Royal Dinoids from Bellatrix, the third brightest star in Orion, not only resemble Earth's dinosaurs but carry the DNA traits/markers as well.

The Anunnaki were convicted of genetically engineering slave laborers on earth 450,000 years ago. Grey Insectoids are currently believed to be genetic engineering here for unknown purposes.

The Orions, a largely female species, are using human DNA to upgrade their own degeneration. The E'all Reptoids of Nu Draconis in Draco, are blending human DNA with their own to help erase their natural aggressive behavioral traits (I say, good luck with that). And, from a parallel Earth 300 years in the future, the Sassani have used our DNA to create eight hybrids to ensure their culture will continue.

I have to note here that I am not a fan of parallel universes. Multiple yes, parallel, no.

The Greys

Perhaps the most surprising revelation offered by Campobasso is that, of the 82 extraterrestrial species profiled, at least 39 of them are human.

I find that incredulous ... then again ... good for us!

Except for those of great height or with blue skin, they could walk down the street unnoticed.

From the constellation Lyra, the Lyrans claim all humans are their descendants.

My own research suggests some of the human migration may have gone the other way.

In addition, bad genetic engineering changed the physical appearance and spiritual signature of some humans. They became the Greys. From Zeta Reticuli II, they are, reveals Campobasso, a "renegade group," "diabolical and aggressive." They send out their EBE's (Extraterrestrial Biological Entities) to collect human DNA in a "desperate attempt to regain their spiritual nature."

I say, the rest of us better hope they never find it.


In conclusion, even if every profile of Campobasso's Almanac proves to be fantasy - THEY are still out there, those who would use our DNA, those who would enslave us, and those who would have us join their peaceful alliance.

In fact, the amphibious Iargan of Cygnus Alpha, and the Lion-Felines of Sirius, are already waiting. Waiting for the day they can present themselves. Waiting for the day when "earth makes the dimensional consciousness shift" and the Altarians, from Aquila, and the Seventh Ray Race, a species bred from half earth genes and half star nation genes, from the Pleiades, become our teachers.

A fascinating read, the Extraterrestrial Species Almanac offers a glimpse at what the government doesn't want us to know.


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