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*Body Count*


What The Fuck Is Wrong With Me
What The Fuck Just Count To Three
Count To Ten, Still No Good
Count To Twenty, Maybe I Should
Take Deep Breaths Is What They Say
Count To Ten And Walk Away
Blind Fury Courses Through
Anger, Rage And Resentment Too
So Little Patience Is Left In Me
So Easily Triggered By Stupidity
Of The World And What Its Become
People Are Really A Certain Kind Of Dumb
I Hate The World But Care For A Few
I've Tried To Be Nice But Its Really Overdue
I'd Rather Be All Nice And Calm
But Instead I'm Gonna Explode Like A Bomb
The Fuse Is Short And Once Its Lit
There's No Real Way Of Stopping This Shit
Pleasure Derived From Twisted Thoughts
Fueled Even Further By Sadistic Plots
Certain Urges Come To Light
Certain Urges I Must Fight
Fight Like Hell To Keep Hell At Bay
Keep The Devils Caged And The Darkness Away
Body Count Is Forever Unknown But I Assure You
Its Lower With The Restraint That I've Shown

© 2020 Mike