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Blood and Water

Poet like writing free verse poem. He has a diploma in Art and Language: It Was Over.

Blood and Water (An illustration)

Blood and Water (An illustration)

Base ball bounce back in the backyard

Love live a lot when given a chance, like to visit us in our day back at school

Over and often bouncing, one man whose kindness can make a smile

On rainy seasons, I will wait forever

Donating love and kindness in all different ways

Weaving words into emotions

An acrostic poem can be about anything

Though I prefer reading the message in it

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Extremely beautiful to start each line as a phrase

Really, everyone want to enjoy it

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Ian Muiruri (author) from Machakos on October 30, 2020:

Brenda Arledge, thanks for your reply

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on October 30, 2020:

You will find the words for blood and water acrostic poem.

The beginning is a start.

The second part is very cute...all on it's own.

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