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Black Skin Is Not a Danger

An enthusiastic girl with a deep thinking mind. I am not using any complicated words or deep meaningful phrases to put out my thoughts.


This is what I got as a reply from my four year old kid. He looks so sad throughout the day. But he is regretting to tell me the real reason. At first I thought that he will come around soon. But even after I finished my household chores, he was at the hall sulking and refusing to go out and play.

Then I thought to take the matters to my own hands. I called him gently to our bedroom and start talking to him about school and other related subjects. Slowly he begin to talk.

He said “ mom I don wanna go out and play coz they don wanna play with me. They think I am black and ugly. Most of my friends are looking at me like a diseased person. I hate it mom”

I was shocked and felt bad for my little kid. Having a dark skin doesn’t decide who you are and what you are. But my four year old kid won’t be able to understand these things. So I said “ Honey, I’ll tell you a story. Do you know where you came from?”

“From your tummy” He answered.

“Very good. When a baby formed in a mommies tummy, it is called a fetal. Usually when mummies go out in bikes or do any heavy chores the babies won’t be able to live in the tummy. They used to die most of the time”

my sad kid

my sad kid

my sad kid

But when you formed in my tummy all I did was going on long bike rides with daddy and did many heavy chores. Because I didn’t realized that you are there inside. I wasn’t aware.

When I realize it later I was shocked. Because you were there all those times. Waiting patiently and bearing all those pains with me. You are a real warrior to me.

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Have you ever heard that warriors being sad because they are ashamed of their skin color? No. Isn’t it?

Just like that don’t be disappointed about your friends. You are special. They will understand and come around soon. So don’t be ashamed of who you are.

Do you remember the movie we watched last Saturday. The hero’s name is Will Smith. He is darker than you. But the world celebrate him as a here. Do you remember black panther. Your avengers superhero. He is darker than you. Do you think he is ashamed about his skin.

He said “no”

So why are you shamed about your color?

This question made my son smile. And I believe he is now having the confident to face his friends.

I was unaware about my pregnancy

I was unaware about my pregnancy


Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on May 12, 2021:

Thanks for spreading the word that skin color does not make one person better than the rest.

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on May 12, 2021:

Nice message for your child, and everyone. Thanks for sharing.

Laurie S Novak from Michigan on May 11, 2021:

Nice write. Good job, mom!

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