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Black Consciousness Confront Shadow Poetry Therapy Pt 1

Caduceus Medical symbol 3d print model

Caduceus Medical symbol 3d print model

Pt 1

When I was a child my parents divorced

When they were married we lived a country life

When they divorced, all that changed

When they divorced we moved from the country into the city(Columbus, Ga)

We moved to what they call the projects

Growing up we saw a lot of questionable disturbing things

We saw mothers that took up for their children and praising

them when they did something bad

We saw children running around rulelessly throwing rocks at windows

and people

I saw a group of boys throwing rocks at a dog, stoning it to death

I looked in the dog's eyes at its pain and I cried

I said leave it alone

I was confused why the boys had no feelings

We lived upstairs in the apartment complex

Almost every night my brothers', sisters, and I would hear

a boy downstairs crying

He said, “stop, leave me alone”

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He cried in agony

What he didn't know is that we cried with him

A man was sneaking into his room at night

We felt his pain and his torture in our hearts

We suffered with him in our soul

the gut-wrenching madness that was happening to him

It happened to him on several different occasions

On one occasion he said momma why are you letting this happen to me

I imagine she turned a blind eye

She was often on the porch during the day bragging about how she has a man

I asked my mother why she doesn't call the police

My mom said she can’t because everyone in the projects will be angry with her and threaten her

My mother was a yellow bone woman so many

of the women did not like her anyway

they had a colorism problem

The police were also very racist back then

This happened 41 years ago

The boy this happened to is now trans

but the most beautiful trans you have ever seen

This boy was created out of some evil circumstances that

happened to him

It was never confronted, that this which happened to him was wrong

No one was there to save him

Cognitive dissonance and numbness took over

and he became a product of an evil legacy that

is still going on till this day

A legacy of a culture that will not confront what is going

on, and on many other levels

But is quick to say we do not talk about this

Or no snitching

but continues to open the doors for perps and let them in

to devour the baby's and genealogies

infect the blood-line making in-turn some victims

becomes perps themselves or a product of abuse

This is killing our culture and progeny to come

and leaves no legacy to the descendants

because of a culture that does not embrace human values

for the very survival of its nation of people in it

To be continued...


April Seldon (author) from New Orleans on April 12, 2021:

Thank you Jamie Lee.

Jamie Lee Hamann from Reno NV on April 12, 2021:

Thank you for sharing. These are the stories that need to be told. Jamie

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