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Birds of Prey by Amado V. Hernandez: A Response to Literature Essay


Initially written in Tagalog by the worshipped Philippine National Artist in Literature Amado V. Hernandez and meant in English by Estelita Constantino-Pangilinan. As he portrayed the day to day environments of Filipinos then, perusers will realize Hernandez had high expectations for tremendous changes that would inspire Philippine society. Hernandez consolidated in his works the encounters he had as guerillas of the Hukbo ng Bayan Laban sa Hapon (Hukbalahap) which was established by Luis Taruc. Flying predators is an account of the bold battle for equity and social change when the Japanese trespassers were going to leave in 1944 to the early long periods of the nation attempting to rise like a phoenix after World War II.

The story revolves around the existence of Mando "Andoy" Plaridel who used to be a houseboy by a rich family headed by Don Seguindo Montero. One evening, Andoy was slapped by a Japanese official since he neglected to salute while passing before the official. Afterward, a similar official blames him for being important for the opposition's development. Rather than safeguarding Andoy the rich, Monetro sides with the Japanese and permits Kempetai (Japanese police) to capture him. Andoy bugs promotion goes to the mountain, joins the guerilla and changes his name to Mando.While in the mountain, he compromises the woods in Sierra Madre. The elderly person accepts that the money box is tossed to the ocean by Padre Florentino.

As a matter of fact Tata Matyas gives a fortune guide to Mando, so the last option goes to Atimonan and meets Karyo and Martin who keep him from recovering the money box from the lower part of the sea. With this riches, the previous worker in the family of Don Segundo Montero, a well off landowner, has now taken the name of Mando Plaridel. He plots the progressive changes that would achieve an equitable society. Since Mando has individuals with him, he compensates his fight against exploiters and oppressors with a tirelessness that appears to be relentless. Indeed, even the President of the Philippines approaches him and his partners to mollify the aroused individuals. In the two cases, the discussions neglect to show up at an evaluation. A danger of capture on charges of defiance is hung over their heads. Then, at that point, officers and hooligans separate a laborers' meeting and kill their chief, a Pastor.

The rest of the story is about how Mando utilizes the returns of the pearls from the money box to change the general public from its devastated state raised by friendly malignant growth exacerbated by neediness because of the new conflict. First among Mando's activities are the foundation of Freedom University and the running of his extreme paper Kampilan which is like what the writer did, in actuality, such as composing revolutionary writing and supporting socialist marked associations. The Novel closes with a scene wherein Mando, the manager of the Kampilan, a work coordinator and a laborer chief purpose a battle together to shape a vote based society. At long last, the unholy trinity of the intellectual elite, work and proletariat are one.

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