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"Billy's Back!" - Revelations of Paul McCartney's Replacement

Miriam has been a freelance writer since 2013. Born in Whittier, CA, she now lives in Ontario (California) with her husband and family.

"Billy's Back!" by Thomas E. Uharriet.

"Billy's Back!" by Thomas E. Uharriet.

The Paul Is Dead 'Hoax' or PID

Here’s a little background information for those who are unfamiliar with the "Paul Is Dead Conspiracy" (PID) or "hoax", as most refer to it.

The story I heard when I was 9 years old (in 1969) was that Paul was killed in a car crash and replaced by a double. My parents really liked the Beatles' music, so when my dad first heard this story he said, “They can’t replace Paul. How are they going to find a double with his distinctive voice that can write great songs and play the bass left-handed?" So we dismissed the story as a rumor.

However, when a story does not die (rumor or not) it starts making you wonder how much truth there is to it?

"Billy's Back!" front and back.

"Billy's Back!" front and back.

Selections from "The Memoirs of Billy Shears" by Thomas E. Uharriet

Edited Book

"Billy's Back!" is an edited version of the complete book entitled, "The Memoirs of Billy Shears" by Tom E. Uharriet. "Billy's Back!" has most of the chapters from "The Memoirs of Billy Shears" but intentionally omits quite a few chapters that delve into the occult. Billy omitted these 21 chapters because (he implied) he does not want to lose his Christian fans; at least, that's what I think he implied.

I wanted to read the whole book, but it was a little pricey so I could not buy it at the time. I still plan to buy "The Memoirs of Billy Shears" sometime in the near future, so I will write a review about the missing chapters in another hub.

Mr. Uharriet writes this narrative in the first-person and calls this publication a book of "fiction".

I believe this book contains factual information of real events that occurred after Paul's fatal car crash of 9/11/1966; after which Billy permanently took the place of James Paul McCartney.

Finding My Book Online

I searched around and found a used "Billy's Back!" on eBay for about $6 so I bought it. I read it in August 2014 -- almost 3 months ago. I also found, the official website, after visiting several "Paul is Dead" forums and watching several videos of related material.

First Published In 2009

"The Memoirs of Billy Shears" was originally published in 2009, with newer editions published in 2010 and 2012. I wonder why and how I had not heard about its release or seen any displays advertising it in the bookstores? I consider myself a big Paul fan so I wonder if it was not advertised. or just underground?

Although the cover says that this book in its entirety "set world records" - it makes me wonder "where was I when this happened?" There are so many fans and interested people that remain unaware that this book even exists, so I hope this helps get the word out.

In fact, most people (including my own family and everyone I know) do not believe that Paul McCartney died in a horrific car crash in 1966 and was replaced by a double. They all think I'm crazy - but I am convinced for many reasons. And since I can't talk to anyone about it, writing helps me get my thoughts out.

"Billy's Back!" is a detailed explanation of Paul's replacement. This story also reveals why John, George, and Ringo went from being close, happy friends to being the cynical, serious men they became shortly after the "Revolver" album was released in late 1966. "Revolver" was released just one month prior to Paul's death and was his final album with The Beatles.

Paul's Fans Need to Know

Note to Readers

I do not want to spoil the book in this review because "Billy's Back!" is filled with fascinating revelations that every Beatles' or Paul fan needs to know. <--Tweet this!

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Even if you are not a Beatles' fan, you can read it as an amazing story of deception that fooled the world for over 47 years-- so far.

Now In Paperback 4.5 Stars

Teasers from "Billy's Back!"

I am going to share some of the topics contained in the book, but only to entice you to read it for yourself. To me, it is tough to put down once you start reading.

Paul Dreams of His Death

According to Billy, in 1966 Paul was being haunted by dreams that he would die soon, but the Beatles would continue on as a band by replacing him with a double. The dreams bothered him so much, he was convinced it was going to happen.

Paul became preoccupied with these dreams, telling anyone who would listen what he had dreamed and what they revealed to him. He forewarned his close friends and family, but nobody believed him --not his family, and not even the other Beatles.

Dreams of His Replacement

These recurring dreams/nightmares changed a little each time, by adding a little more information than the previous dream. Some of his dreams were in morbid graphic detail, while in others he was a floating observer. He even saw John call to someone named Paul; but someone else responded - someone that looked like him and appeared to have taken his place.

Paul talked to his dad about this, but his dad thought he was focusing too much on these dreams; he did not believe in Paul's "omens." Somehow Paul thought his dreams meant that he had to be sacrificed and then be replaced with a substitute.

Lookalike Contest Held

According to Billy, it was Paul that held a lookalike contest in a popular teen magazine to try to find a suitable replacement. He says, Paul urged them to find a replacement before his death took place. So, Brian (the band's manager) decided that William Sheppard, the session musician/celebrity imposter would make a good double for Paul should they need one in the future. There was no further discussion of this topic.

Paul Goes to France

Paul flies to France to handle some business. But after a couple of days of not hearing from Paul, Brian and the rest of the Beatles start worrying.

Brian was the first to be notified about Paul's death, and he immediately panicked. He quickly phoned Billy to ask him if he would like to be Paul McCartney? He explains to Billy that he will not be given credit for his work, but Billy does not care about that. He is walking on air now and agrees to replace Paul.

September 11, 1966: Paul Dies From A Car Crash in France?

Brian tells Billy that Paul's dreams came true; he died in a horrible car crash. But before he tells the rest of the band, Brian arranges a meeting at a tavern with Billy and Mal Evans, the Beatles' roadie since the Hamburg days. Mal brought Paul's personal checks, Brian brought the contract. Billy had to sign several post-dated checks as Paul, because some of these checks would be needed to pay people off, so they would not breathe a word of this to anyone.

Things were moving fast now. Billy had his hair dyed, photos were taken and Brian filled him in on Paul's mannerisms. They drove to see Paul's dad, where he was given Paul's birth certificate and other personally identifiable information.

September 12, 1966

After leaving Paul's dad's house, Brian tried to phone John, but nobody answered. Brian wired a telegram to John stating that Paul died and had already been replaced. He also said to meet with them at 1:00 in the afternoon.

However, nobody was in John's room when the telegram arrived. When John finally got back to his room (hours later) he is met with the telegram announcing Paul's death and replacement.

The telegram said to meet Brian at 1p.m. but John did was not in when it arrived. Further, Brian was behind schedule, so he asked Mal to delay the meeting until 10:00 p.m. Mal sent another telegram to John with the new meeting time.

Depressed Beatles

After reading the telegram, John became angry, shocked, and filled with mixed emotions. A replacement already?? He was uncontrollable. He had to talk to Brian as soon as possible! But now he had to wait until 10:00 to talk to him. He was "fit to be tied."

He kept thinking about the dreams Paul kept talking about-- how could he have known they would really happen?

He carried on loudly as the hours dragged on, waiting for Brian to show up. He was alternatively cursing, crying and being unruly, and then having fits of anger and weeping.

Paul's death left the entire band in shock, mourning, and depressed. John took Paul's death the hardest, exhibiting angry outbursts and getting hysterical from time to time. George and Ringo were also very depressed and none of them were in the mood to write songs.

They did not want to go on without Paul - it wasn't the same anymore. They did not like the idea of replacing Paul, but it was already happening.

Of course, Billy was as happy as humanely possible - he was instantly rich and famous. As Billy, he had not had much luck with the women, but as Paul he could have any woman he wanted. It must have been an awkward situation for Billy knowing that the others resented him for being Paul's replacement.

Because of John's extreme depression, Billy was able to ask for and get anything he wanted as part of the agreement for replacing Paul. He asked to be the leader of the band, and several other demands, all of which were met. John was the founder and leader of The Beatles, but he just did not care anymore: his best friend was gone forever.

Billy Goes to Africa

Billy tells of his trips to Africa for plastic surgery. These operations were done to re-create the face of Paul McCartney on the man chosen to impersonate him, Billy Sheppard. This double/replica of Paul is the man the world knows today as Sir Paul McCartney.

Billy replaced Paul exactly one week after Paul died: September 18, 1966; that sure was fast work for an "accidental death".

Much More

"Billy's Back!" also contains:

  • Interesting facts and stories that explain what the album clues meant
  • How to tell the difference between Billy and Paul
  • Billy offers singing advice to vocalists
  • Talks about marrying Linda;
  • Heather
  • The book includes acrostical messages you can decode


What's The Difference Between Paul & Billy?

  1. Paul had a Liverpudlian accent, but Billy was unsure of how to duplicate it. Many fans thought he lost his accent from spending so much time in America.
  2. Billy is 5 years older than Paul, making him 30 years old when he replaced Paul who would have been 25.
  3. Paul was left-handed; Billy is right handed.
  4. Paul was 5' 10" tall, while Billy is 6'2" tall.
  5. Paul had brown eyes, while Billy has blue eyes.
  6. Paul's nose is slightly upturned at the tip; Billy's nose is longer.
  7. Paul had a round head, but Billy has a long head.
  8. Paul did not read or write music; Billy was writing a score for "The Family Way" in 1971.

This One - Billy Shears

Other Topics Discussed In "Billy's Back!"

Billy explains many more topics in this book, including the following:

  • How he used channeling to contact Paul's spirit so he could write songs
  • How he trained himself to play the bass guitar left-handed

Billy on Dave Letterman Show: Watch His Expression at the End

"Gratitude" Played Backwards

George Talks About Faul

Rated 4.5 Stars & In Paperback

Get the Complete Book

© 2014 Miriam Parker

Please Post Your Comments

Miriam Parker (author) from Ontario, CA. 91761 on September 14, 2016:

Hi, Jodah: Yes, this is a very interesting topic! This book is very good, and there is lots of info on "PID" (Paul Is Dead) all over the Internet. Thanks for your comment!

John Hansen from Australia (Gondwana Land) on September 11, 2016:

Wow, this was intriguing. I had never heard about Paul being replaced by a double. I may have to check the book out. Thanks for sharing.

Miriam Parker (author) from Ontario, CA. 91761 on August 22, 2016:

They say it was a car accident, but I've also read that his body was dropped from an airplane in France, so I am not sure what the truth is about this. I wish I could tell you, sorry. The main thing is Paul died and was replaced by an imposter with plastic surgery in late 1966.

Miriam Parker (author) from Ontario, CA. 91761 on May 29, 2016:

Hi, jjohn62! Thank you for your comment!

I agree, the car crash (if that's really how Paul was killed) may have been done deliberately because he would not go along with the agenda being pushed: MK Ultra or mind control of the masses.

jjohn62 on March 05, 2016:

Yes, they most likely kept it simple. The public was unaware of what happened, that he was replaced (dead). The main reason for the clues was to make them aware of his death. Cause of his death was not as important at the time.

Also, I car crash does not necessarily mean it was an accident.

Miriam Parker (author) from Ontario, CA. 91761 on March 04, 2016:

I don't know if it was really a car crash, but to simplify Paul's cause of death they wanted us to believe it was a car crash. His death really happened, but I am not sure exactly how he died or was murdered.

Miriam Parker (author) from Ontario, CA. 91761 on November 03, 2015:

I am not sure, but I think Billy mentioned that the code on the drum (10>I EIX HE DIE when seen in a mirror) is not supposed to be the way Americans write the date, but the way the English write the date, backwards. Therefore, 11/9 is November 9, not the other way around. And, yes, you are right, Billy has green eyes. You can find more about this by searching "Sgt Pepper drum mirror".

jjohn62 on November 02, 2015:

There is an old article from a 1968 newspaper about them attending a seance to conjure up Brian Epstein (after he died) . It would not surprise me that they were also trying to contact Paul.

I agree Paul's eyes were brown but I believe his double had green eyes.

Did the book give the date as 11/9 or 9/11 ? I believe it was 9/11.

Miriam Parker (author) from Ontario, CA. 91761 on November 02, 2015:

Hi, jjohn62 Actually, what I read was that Paul's death date was not 9/11 but 11/9.

I did read the entire book, but it was super long so I have not wrote an article about it yet-- maybe in the future.

According to "The Memoirs of Billy Shears", Billy says they were all trying to contact Paul via seances and so forth, so they were all involved in the occult, sadly.By the way, I have been a Paul fan since I was 5 years old, and Paul's eyes were brown.

Miriam Parker (author) from Ontario, CA. 91761 on November 01, 2015:

Not sure if it was an accident, but that's what they led us to believe. Some think he was murdered because he wouldn't follow the agenda, sadly.

jjohn62 on November 01, 2015:

Nice review, and it does appear to be an interesting book. I have not read it except for abstracts here and there. Have you read the full version yet?

I believe this fictional account may be based on fact but issued as a fiction for obvious reasons. There are some inconsistencies such as the 9/11 date (wasn't Paul at the Melody Maker Awards on 9/13 ) and stating his eyes are blue when they appear green in photos.

Did Billy say they were all involved in the occult to some extent or just him?

TL Stahling from US on May 23, 2015:

I love The Beatles. This is fun reliving the old rumor. I, personally, don't believe the story; but, whomever it is, Paul McCartney is the greatest musician/songwriter of the past hundred years.

BTW, Chris Farley interviewing Paul on SNL (asks about his death) is one of the funniest skits I've ever seen.

Miriam Parker (author) from Ontario, CA. 91761 on May 06, 2015:

I don't know if it was really a car accident or Paul was killed for not going along with the agenda; Tavistock and all that. There's so much on the Internet about this. Thanks for your comment!

Miriam Parker (author) from Ontario, CA. 91761 on April 26, 2015:


The Beatles tried to tell us in many ways-- that Paul died in a car crash.

hi... on April 26, 2015:

it really was a car acident???

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