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Bibliographical Index for Kahana's Voice

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Hitting the milestone of two hundred articles on hubpages is a big event but when your readers can't find specific topics that they're interested in, or looking for, then it really doesn't matter how many articles you've written because they aren't going to be read. My focus was entirely on writing my articles, to provide as much of my thinking, my research, and my craft as possible, without concerning myself with the difficulties that may be encountered by my readers. At least that was until several of my readers brought their complaints to my attention. "How do I find what I'm looking for?" many complained. "Why is Hubpages so difficult to use", others lamented. "Why isn't there a codex or an index, or even a search engine specifically for your articles?" they suggested. And that's when I realized, Hubpages is not user friendly. It does not provide any of those things that researchers or readers rely on. When you have 200 articles, they have to go through each one until they find what they're looking for, or else they can use the universal search engine, and be bombarded by hundreds of articles from other writers that they weren't looking for. Their concerns were all legitimate and they should be raised to the editors of Hubpages for their attention. Search engines specifically to a writer's page would be a tremendous asset. In the meantime, until that problem is addressed, I have created an index, a codex for their use to retrieve my articles. This posting will serve that purpose until a better solution is provided. So I apologize to all my readers for the frustration you have endured in trying to find specific articles of mine. And I thank my youngest son, who finally brought it to a head when he said, "Dad, I'm too busy to waste my time trying to search through a few hundred titles just to find the one I wanted to read." Considering how important it is to any writer that his children remain his or her biggest fans, means I finally had to do something about it.



1. Wisdom of Kahana: HATE

2. Who's A Jew 2: Karaite Perspectives

3. Who A Jew: Part 3

4. Wisdom of Kahana: In this Time


6. The Evil That Men Do: Karaite Perspectives

7. Blind Passage: Karaite Perspectives

8.Wisdom of Kahana: The Business of Evil

9.One Human Life

10.The Death Of Deaths: A Karaite Perspective

11.Wisdom of Kahana: A Woman’s Curse

12.A Temple of Stone

13.Who’s A Jew: Karaite Perspectives

14.Karaites, God and Vegetarianism

15.Sins of My Fathers

16.Wisdom of Kahana: The Soul of Man

17.Wisdom of Kahana: On Love

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18.Wisdom of Kahana: From Sorrow Comes Great Joy

19.Wisdom of Kahana: The Nature of God

20.Souls on Fire

21.Wisdom of Kahana: The Wise Man

22. Wisdom of Kahana: The Meaning of Life

23. Wisdom of Kahana: Fulfillment

24. If I Forget Thee: Wisdom of Kahana

25. More Thoughts on Who Is A Jew

26. The Courage to Believe: Wisdom of Kahana

27. Why We Need God: Wisdom of Kahana

28. The Quest: Karaite Perspectives

29. The Big Bang: Wisdom of Kahana

30. A Plague Upon Pharaoh's House

31. Where is God: Wisdom of Kahana

32. Kahana on Same-Sex Marriage

33. America's War Against the Jews


1.Sins of Babylon

2. Ki Atah: A Karaite Liturgical Psalm

3.Psalm of the End of Day: Storm Rising

4.Kahana’s Psalm of the End of Days

5. Modern Psalms

6. Kahana’s Prayer

7. A Psalm of Lament

8. A Psalm of Love

9. A Psalm of Gratitude


1. The Karaite Schism

2. Why Karaism: The Essential Talmud

3.Why Karaism: Idolators

4. Karaite-Rabbanite Relations

5. Dualism in Judaism

6. Of Priests and Rabbis: A Karaite Kohen Answers

7. Why Karaism: Debating Dan Ross Part 1

8. Why Karaism: Debating Dan Ross Part 2

9. Why Karaism: Debating Dan Ross Part 3

10. Why Karaism: Debating Dan Ross Part 4

11. Why Karaism: Debating Dan Ross Part 5

12. Why Karaism: The Resurrection Dilemma

13. The Rabbi and the Emperor

14. War of the Jews

15. Ignorance is Bliss: Why Karaism

16. Rabbanite Issues

17. Karaite Accusations

18.Tears in Heaven

19.39 Lashes: Karaite Sabbath

20. Why Karaism: David and Goliath

21.Wisdom of Solomon: Karaite Perspectives


1. Hanging From A Red Thread: Karaite Perspectives

2. The Great Deception: Karaite Perspectives

3.The Kabbalah Cult: Karaite Perspectives

4.Don’t Mess With the Zohar



1. The Sacrifice: Wisdom of Kahana

2. Crisis in God: Wisdom of Kahana

3. Crisis in God 2: Wisdom of Kahana

4.Crisis in God 3: Wisdom of Kahana

5.Crisis in God 4: Wisdom of Kahana

6.And Joshua Said

7.Why Karaism

8.Why Karaism: So Moses Said

9.Why Karaism: The Same Old Same Old

10.Commandments: A Karaite Perspective

11.Wisdom of Kahana: The 11th Commandment


13.Why Karaism: The Meaning

14.Why Karaism: The Nazarite

15.For Love of Torah

16.In Praise of Zadok: Karaite Perspectives

17. Twin Messiahs

18. The Number Five: Wisdom of Kahana

19. Attributes of Five: Wisdom of Kahana

20. The Final Five: Wisdom of Kahana



1. The Ethiopian Princess

2. The Sons of Zadok

3.A Karaite Reading of Exodus

4.A Karaite Reading Beyond Exodus

5. Wisdom of Kahana: Rediscovering the Exodus

6. Rediscovering the Exodus

7. Rediscovering the Exodus 2

8. Rediscovering the Exodus 3

9. Rediscovering the Exodus 4

10. Rediscovering the Exodus 5

11. Rediscovering the Exodus 6

12. Ethiopia and Sheba: Rediscovering the Exodus 7

13. Rediscovering the Exodus 8

14. Rediscovering the Exodus 9

15. Rediscovering the Exodus 10

16. Rediscovering the Exodus 11

17. Rediscovering the Exodus 12

18. Rediscovering the Exodus 13


1. Benevolence and Freemasonry

2. Masonic History

4. Masonic History Part 2

4. Masonic History Part 3

5. Masonic History Part 4

6. Masonic History Part 5

7. Masonic History Part 6

8. Masonic History Part 7

9. The Palestinian State

10. World War III: Hey Mr. President

11. A Modern Rose By Any Other Name

12. Wisdom of Kahana: Clans of Abraham

13. Jerusalem of Gold: Karaite Perspectives

14. My Struggle with Evil

15. Modern Day Pharaoh

16. Disproportionate Response



1. Karaite History

2. Karaites and History

3. Karaites and History Part 2

4. Khazar

5.Khazar Polemic

6.Khazar Love Story

7.Prince of the Jews

8.Karaites in Israel

9.Karaite Women

10.Regarding Karaite Marriage and Children

11.Karaites in Galicia

12.Karaites in Galicia: Part 2

13.Karaites in Galicia: Part 3

14.Karaites in Galicia: Part 4

15.Karaites in Romania

16.My Personal Sabbath: Karaite Perspectives

17.Why Karaism: Antiquities

18.Why Karaism: The Marriage Ceremony

19.Samaritans and Karaites


1.Cancer: From Accurate Diagnosis to Appropriate Treatment

2.Cancer: The Amazing World of Cytokines

3.Genetically Linked Memories

4.The M&M Guys Killed My Dogs

5.Vision To A Murder

6.Pseudo-Science: Priestly Genetics

7. Cancer: Avoiding Cytokine Catastrophe

8. Cancer: Unlocking the Mysteries of Cytokines



1.The Trinity: Wisdom of Kahana

2.The Zadokite Document

3.Number of the Beast

4.Karaite Comments: To My Brother Yeshua (Jesus) Chapter 1

5.Karaite Comments: To My Brother Yeshua (Jesus) Chapter 2

6.Karaite Comments: To My Brother Yeshua (Jesus) Chapter 3

7.Karaite Comments: To My Brother Yeshua (Jesus) Chapter 4

8.Karaite Comments: To My Brother Yeshua (Jesus) Chapter 5

9.Karaite Comments: To My Brother Yeshua (Jesus) Chapter 6

10.Karaite Comments: To My Brother Yeshua (Jesus) Chapter 7

11.Karaite Comments: To My Brother Yeshua (Jesus) Chapter 8

12.Karaite Comments: To My Brother Yeshua (Jesus) Chapter 9

13.Karaite Comments:To My Brother Yeshua(Jesus) Chapter 10

14.Karaite Comments:To My Brother Yeshua(Jesus) Chapter 11

15.Karaite Comments:To My Brother Yeshua(Jesus) Chapter 12

16.Karaite Comments:To My Brother Yeshua(Jesus) Chapter 13

17.Karaite Comments:To My Brother Yeshua(Jesus) Chapter 14

18.Karaite Comments:To My Brother Yeshua(Jesus) Chapter 15

19.Toldoth Jeshua: The Trial of Jesus



1.Kahana and DNA 2

2.More on the Kohanim DNA Question

3.Karaites and the Kahana

4.Kohanim and DNA

5.Kahana and DNA

6.Kahana’s Voice

7.Prayer of the Kohanim

8.The Kahana in China

9.The Kahana in China: Part 2

10.The Kahana in China: Part 3

11.The Kahana in China: Part 4

12.The Kahana in China: Part 5

13.The Kahana in China: Part 6

14.The Kahana in China: Part 7

15.Hail Caesar

16.Generations Of The Kahana

17.Priest Wars

18.Deliverance: Part One of the Flavius Josephus Journals

19.Incredible Journey

20.Seeing Nostradamus

21.Monsters of the 16th Century

22. A Message Through Time

23. Mar Zutra Kahana

24. DEFIANCE part two of the Flavius Josephus Trilogy:



1.Raider of the Lost Ark

2.Journey Unto Shiloh: Part 1

3.Journey Unto Shiloh: Part 2

4.Journey Unto Shiloh: Part 3

5.Journey Unto Shiloh: Part 4

6.Journey Unto Shiloh: Part 5

7.Journey Unto Shiloh: Part 6

8.Journey Unto Shiloh: Part 7

9.Journey Unto Shiloh: Part 8

10.Journey Unto Shiloh: Part 9

11.Journey Unto Shiloh: Part 10

12.Journey Unto Shiloh: Part 11

13.Journey Unto Shiloh: Part 12

14.Journey Unto Shiloh: Part 13

15.Journey Unto Shiloh: Part 14

16.Commentary on the Journey Unto Shiloh Series

17.Daniel 2012: Kahana’s Voice

18.The Final Battle

19. Modern Prophecy

20. The Windows of Futures Past

21. The Windows of Futures Past: Chapter 2

22. The Windows of Futures Past: Chapter 3

23. The Windows of Futures Past 4: Obama Rising

24. The Windows of Futures Past 5:

25. The Windows of Futures Past 6:

26. The WIndows of Futures Past 7:

27. The Prologue to Eleazar's Revelations:

28. First Chapter of Eleazar's Revelations:

29. Second Chapter of Eleazar's Revelations:

30. Third Chapter of Eleazar's Revelations:

31. Fourth Chapter of Eleazar's Revelations

32. Fifth Chapter of Eleazar's Revelations

33. Sixth Chapter of Eleazar's Revelations

34. The End Of Days Prophecy 2022



1.The Day of Atonement: Karaite Perspectives

2.Passover: Karaite Perspectives

3.A Karaite Yom Kippur

4.After Yom Kippur

5.A Yom Kippur Tale

6.Passover Heroes

7.Wisdom of Kahana: Yom Teruah

8.Yom Teruah 2013

9.Yom Kippur 2012

10.Yom Kippur 2013

11.A Karaite Yom Kippur

12.Passover 2011

13. Karaite Comments: The Truth About Chanukah

14. Passover 2014

15. Shavuot 2014


Well there it is; posted, sorted and easily retrievable. As new articles are added, the catalogue lists will be adjusted accordingly. I hope that this will suffice until such time that a search engine is available for individual blogs but until that time, this is probably the best that can be done. I hope that you will continue to enjoy my articles, and are looking forward to the next 200.

Shalom Aleichim,

Avrom Aryeh-Zuk Kahana

Dr. Allen Goldenthal

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